Coaching the hero in you

Coaching with conscience is a practical step towards a life with meaning so that our last breath is in tune with the ultimate goal of our purpose from inception. Hence, finding this goal is the key to happy living, as then each step is taken in the direction that our soul yearns. Coaching the hero in you allows you to be fearless – the genius within can shine forth. In short, it is stepping out of our comfort zones to face the truth in its majestic beauty.

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.” 

– George Addair

Guiding the truth of our mission. Coaching the Hero in You.

Both conscious (awake) and conscience (aware of right and wrong) have to do with the mind. In the COACHx presentation, I am transmitting the importance of remaining conscious, so we align our actions with our goals according to right conduct, as the voice of both conscious (awake) and conscience (aware of right and wrong) have to do with the mind. Moreover, learning to stay conscious while listening to our client’s problems using our conscience to guide in a direction that helps.

The video COACHx presentation covers:

  • Guiding the truth of our mission
    • Quieting negative emotions
    • Imposed choices versus authentic self
  • Coaching Tools
    • Metaphor: Allegory of the Cave by Plato
    • Leaving dark shadows behind
  • Coaching Practices
    • Perceptual positions
    • Circle of excellence 
  • Coaching Anecdotes > Stories
    • Desire binds us
    • Fisherman boatman

Bindu Power Coaching (BPC) Inner Sessions

In addition to Executive Coaching, the BPC Signature Program includes techniques to heal the mind and emotions. Indeed, the results are immediate at the level of the heart.

The method allows for an intense process of metamorphosis to take place. The transformation is from the root of the individual. Thus, getting free from negative control patterns.

We live in the “Kali Age” (the age of quarrel and strife). Thus, those who need to escape from it are deeply aware that another path is possible. I step in with my signature program to coach the hero in you. Indeed, it is a state of mindfulness.

During this power coaching session of awakening consciousness, you immediately discover where your life is about your purpose and goal. That is your true nature. Hence, it is developing your spiritual sense of belonging. This personal journey is the secret to higher consciousness. Therefore, to a state where everything is peaceful. It is a mental and spiritual awakening from the start.

Coaching the hero in you

BPC is not an expense; it is an investment. BPC coaches the hero in you.

The method allows you to drop down to the truth of what is happening. And addressing what is most dear and near to you. It is not the original thought the person had in mind most of the time. Because they have in-built coping strategies instead of a sincere approach to reality, this defense mechanism restrains us from seeing things from a truthful standpoint. As a result, we learn to pause and come to our story from a different place.

Several difficulties I help determine and resolve have a philosophical-scientific approach. In this signature program, you will learn a tailor-made and customized set of solutions that will take you from a dark labyrinth to an exit full of sunlight. It is like coming out of a deep cave into the light. Few of my clients suffered from the myth of the cavern, as explained in Plato’s allegory but are now liberated forever.

Coaching with conscience

Coaching with Conscience

One of the immediate results has been to help these “prisoners” ascend to the surface to help them see that the shadows they identify with reality are false. Knowing, understanding, and feeling that they are already out on the path of light with infinite possibilities has been an immense joy. Hence, coaching the hero in you is possible.

Many still suffer this deception of dark shadows, making them believe what is not. The trending thought is that they have everything and are satisfied. A large part of society stays in this false belief. Thus, the cases I resolve are complicated, but all who are willing to see outside the illusion’s shadows now live in freedom.

“You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you; none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.”

Swami Vivekananda

In Search of the Knowledge of the Absolute Truth,

Bindu Dadlani

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