Self-confidence as the basis of our decisions

We make decisions every day. And even doubting, we still make them in the hope that they are right. However, how do we test or check that they are correct? Some say there is no right or wrong answer, but choose the one that works best for you. However, others say those who make decisions from the heart and contrast it with the mind are considered good decisions.

Intuition grows as the mind clears.

The stronger my intuition is, the clearer my decisions are. Because then, they are not made out of fear, pressure, or even doubt. Instead, those decisions stem from a clear mind from the start.

And how do we ensure that it is not our “monkey mind” making us believe we are right, as it resonates with our belief system? In my years of experience with decisions, I have learned that we need to be very vigilant with ourselves. Thus, beliefs that were once true might not be working for us anymore. And we strengthen those beliefs when we continue to move with like-minded people that cannot hinder our exit. Spending time alone is vital to know where we stand and how to escape the unwanted web. With proper introspection, we can reevaluate what our mind says, what others say, and what we think our mind says. This reasoning will clear conflict or disharmony within ourselves, keeping our self-confidence in check.

Meditation helps make better decisions.

If we make decisions and fail but learn, we will improve them next time. This action is what, in the kaizen approach, they call improvement. The key to making correct decisions is keeping constant contact with our inner self, as that will remind us of our higher goal at all times so that we do not get influenced into paths that take us away. Also, we get more aligned with what our soul wants, not what others desire or pressure us to do.

Listening to ourselves is vital. Thus, cutting ties with authority figures outside ourselves, especially those close, who try to divert us from our chosen path, is key. They might think they are advising us for good, but they can unknowingly recommend we walk in a direction contrary to our present inner condition. And this is something only we can gauge, as our conscience is involved in taking responsibility for our actions. For this purpose of making good decisions, meditation is beneficial. We can grow in a million ways, and all can take us to the same place. It allows us to expand where it wants while serving our higher purpose, the one defined by our soul.

Develop self-confidence to align with your purpose.

Each of us has come with a different purpose, and serving the intention is critical. Only when we satisfy our soul can we make a difference in ourselves and the life of others. Learning about this and carrying it forward is life’s goal, but only some do it because most are primarily busy satisfying what their minds dictate or others around them. The problem is that they think they were on track when they derailed a long time ago.

For this purpose of assuring we are on the right path, visiting professionals of the mind, body, and soul are beneficial. You can immediately contrast and verify where you are without touching deep subjects.

So, what about you? How do you make decisions? How do you strengthen your self-confidence?

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