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Who is Bindu, what is her mission and her message

Happiness Coach Bindu will share today some of her lifelong secrets towards Mindfulness Meditation, Executive Coaching, and Consciousness in the Workplace.

Dear subscribers and visitors to Bindu Power Coaching site

Firstly, I would like to thank all subscribers for your continuing support all these years. It has gratified me knowing that some of you out there are ready to read my next post 🙂 Secondly, I would like to explain who Bindu is, what is her mission and what is the message she wants to convey through this website.

A little background story about BPC

Bindu Power Coaching (BPC) website started in 2011 by someone who believed in Bindu. She took this opportunity to use the platform as a writing tool where she could share with the world her message. Since she was tiny, Bindu loved to express herself. She did this through dancing, writing, speaking, painting, drawing, singing,  and used many other outdoor outlets she needed to fulfill her heart’s desire.

As she grew up, she realized she needed to heal areas of her life. She was not happy from within herself. She felt empty inside. So, Bindu traveled throughout the world at an early age to find answers. The eastern world took her to practice yoga and meditation. She started spirituality in her way, as she calls it. Very carefully, after reading about different masters, religions, and faiths, she followed a path.

Sharing her self-knowledge through blogs and books

After mourning and healing for almost 40 years of her life, she is now in a space where she can share her experiences. Most importantly, she now has the tools that work on a wounded heart, body-mind, and soul. Bindu now uses her website to express herself in writing while sharing breakthrough techniques that work.

Certified Professional Coach

Becoming a certified coach or learning cutting-edge psychotherapy techniques are just the signature of her ability. Her graduate, post-graduate and master management degrees from top world universities hold value today because of the peace of mind she has achieved. Throughout pressing moments of her life, she never gave up. However, continued in search of help, answers, and healing from the inside. Today she combines her knowledge, experience, and academic preparation into a unique recipe: how to master your mind. She has turned into a Happiness Coach.

Her mission

Empowering unlimited potential in every mind, through unconditional love. Bindu has learned the pathways to make this happen. Bindu Dadlani is a happiness coach, a mindfulness power coach and a mentor that can solve your problems in a strictly confidential atmosphere of presence and trust.

The message

Living the life of your dreams is possible. First, it is important to check where your feet are about those dreams. Second, use the right techniques to point to that direction. As we march forward, we notice bumps in the way, which together we rearrange back in the right direction. As we re-program the brain to re-learn the old mode of living, we notice new possibilities opening up and new frontiers not yet discovered. It turns out magical when you are in the process of transformation. One thing is for sure: the change is apparent within and without. And as you look back, you realize nothing is no longer the way it was. You are now a new person. However, still in old clothes.

Letting go of old belief systems, live in freedom

As we make go of old belief systems, in other words, as we get ready to remove our old clothes and outdated habits, we set the tone for new attitudes. It is like getting ready for a long journey. The less luggage, the more the comfort. In this case, there are only a handful of attitudes we need to engage our life to a new thread of happiness. At the essence, we are all the same. And this is what the method does through happiness Coach Bindu. It creates real-time tailor-made techniques that alter your life forever. Any change we want to make in our lives needs to start in our subconscious first. When these changes happen on the inside, the changes on the outside are not only evident, but they start materializing immediately.

Coaching with conscience

Bindu engages the person into a series of questions that take her to understand within a few minutes where the problem lies. She is like a detective, figuring out within seconds the mind mapping strategy of the other person. As she learns their minds trap, she opens her toolbox. From there she extracts the unique action-oriented tool that will change the limiting belief of the person into an exponential solution of actions. Her more than thirty years of experience both on herself and her clients, allow self-confidence to shine through her results. Within an hour, Bindu helps fix the problem. The person gets back to their usual routine sensing a profound change within.

Happiness and Inner Peace

As the person works on their inner self, they notice joy and inner peace. These are standard results of continuous practice with the mind and the emotions. Bindu offers techniques that work. There are many professionals out there that meet the same or better purpose. When you allow anyone to know your innermost secrets, what is essential is that you feel comfortable, with a sense of trust.  And you can gauge this by how you feel. If you feel good, and you see results, this it is!

Mindfulness Meditation – The Meeting

Happiness Coach Bindu is practicing mindfulness meditation for more than 25 years. Hence, each session with her raises your consciousness through a profound meditation process. You are mindful and conscious. The level keeps increasing to the point your super-conscious allows. The more we work on an inner level, the more we grow on the inside. It is like training for a marathon or in a gym. The dedication and constancy are the keys to elevating your mind to supra-conscious levels.

Executive Coaching

Power Happiness Mindfulness Coach Bindu Dadlani enters a company understanding the details and flaws immediately. Her entrepreneurial business international preparation and experience allow her to detect where the fault lies within the higher-level organizational system. After looking at the numbers of the company, she goes straight to the CEOs and department managers. At first, she works on helping them improve their communication skills with themselves and others. As a result, they benefit on a personal level, reflecting an immediate betterment in their relationships with loved ones at home. Then, she integrates all departments to work in unison as a high performing team. She applies human values in management and organizations.

Raising consciousness in the workplace to strengthen leadership

When managers at the higher level organizational pyramid are happy from within, they show that positivity levels down. A company with comfortable top leadership positions will most likely succeed in today’s VUCA (volatileuncertaincomplex, ambiguous) world. To make decisions that provide lasting happiness to their surroundings, they learn to connect with their essence. This practice, first helps them take into account the sentiments of people, climate changes, and world resources. Second, they learn to open their hearts. The inner awakening provides them with empathy and understanding, forgiveness and, above all, softness. Later, they learn to lead with this new heart. The ball game changes and they are unrecognizable.


Through research, education, and innovation, Happiness Coach Bindu provides tools that will enhance a person´s intuition to supra-conscious levels. Mindfulness Meditation, Executive Coaching, and Consciousness in the Workplace are just some of her ability areas. Her mission and message involve deeper layers of consciousness that are visible through her power sessions. This method grows exponentially, the more you practice. That is, the more you are in tune with the core essence of your soul. Once you learn the technique, liberation is at your doorstep.

When I ask my clients what they feel once they’ve been through the process, the one word they keep using is “liberating” – Bindu Dadlani, Happiness Coach

Bindu has self-published nine books, available through Amazon, iBooks, and her online store, her new website design in constant innovation 🙂

You can also listen to her podcast on iTunes, or subscribe to her newsletter (these are mostly written in English and Spanish).

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Happiness Coach
In each session, we’ll practice mind power techniques that will alter your mental and cognitive processes to remove the programming we all received as a child. It’s like a major software update. You’re still you, but you’ll have a whole new set of abilities you never had before.


Piensa mientras vives | Think while you live

Piensa mientras vives

Think while you live | Piensa mientras vives


Piensa mientras vives es otra forma de practicar la meditación mientras caminas. Es vivir una vida con conciencia de todo lo que te rodea, pero sobre todo de lo que haces para tu Ser mientras estas con vida.

Los siguientes libros escritos en español tienen el objetivo de hacerte reconsiderar tus hábitos de rutina de vida. Estamos sentados en una montaña rusa que a veces puede ser muy peligrosa. Sin embargo, la sociedad nos está forzando de algún modo a vivir en ella.  Estos dos libros, “El cambio” y “Palabras del Corazón”, quieren inspirarte para detenerte y meditar en tu dirección en la vida. Solo tú puedes tomar esa decisión y solo tú sabes la respuesta correcta. Pero una cosa es segura, si los estilos de vida que estamos viviendo son los correctos, ¿por qué hay más personas que sufren de enfermedades, falta de sueño y ansiedad? Hay un profundo vacío espiritual y muchas personas, especialmente los miembros de la generación ‘millennial’, están teniendo dificultades para encontrar la paz en su interior.

Si la educación del corazón se le da a los estudiantes a una edad temprana, la mayoría de la violencia en el mundo se vería reducida. El amor incondicional falta en el corazón de las personas debido a su propia falta de amor desinteresado.

Es a esta temprana edad que se toman decisiones de vida que más tarde se vuelven muy difíciles de cambiar. O incluso si un cambio es posible, hacerlo requeriría muchos cambios que para la mayoría de las personas significaría renunciar a lo que tienen actualmente.

Piensa mientras vives

El mundo en el que vivimos hoy nos obliga a estar a la altura de las cosas y la información en todo momento. La velocidad es tan alta que incluso si leemos 10 artículos al día, al día siguiente se vuelven obsoletos. Si atendemos a esta cantidad de conocimiento, ¿cuándo vamos a dedicar tiempo a nuestras necesidades primarias, como la preparación de alimentos, higiene, finanzas, ropa, etc.? Estamos externalizando nuestros recados diarios para poder mantenernos al día con la “competencia” que nos obliga a dejar todo lo que no sea el próximo incentivo de marketing.

Lo más importante, ¿dónde y cuándo vamos a encontrar el tiempo para hacer lo que realmente importa en nuestro último momento de aliento? Cuando llegue nuestro día para partir, ninguna de esta información ayudará a nuestra alma o a nuestro cuerpo en este asunto. Nuestro estado mental e interno en ese momento es lo que se tendrá en cuenta. Nuestro último pensamiento.

Por lo tanto, cómo de importante es centrarse en buenos pensamientos. Sin embargo, si leemos información negativa en internet, escuchamos historias negativas / chismes o juzgamos a otros en función de nuestra capacidad limitada para comprender qué hay más allá de las acciones de esa persona, ¿cómo podemos mantener un buen pensamiento? Así como son nuestros hábitos, acaban siendo nuestra mente y nuestras acciones. Nuestro destino se dirige en esa dirección.

Debido a que la información que nos bombardean son de compañías, y necesitan vender algo, nos sentimos más que obligados a escuchar o comprar. Más tarde lo lamentamos, ya que no es necesario. Hoy en día poseemos suficientes bienes materiales. Sin embargo, el nuevo artilugio de moda o tecnología introduce a hombres y mujeres jóvenes en la compra de la próxima “mejor opción”. Muchos incluso a expensas de gastar a crédito. La idea de no tenerla es superior a la deuda. Otros siguen siendo niños de adultos, por lo que no quieren pierden su poder de estatus.

Piensa mientras vives | Vive mientras piensas |

Palabras que Cambiarán tu rumbo en los recientemente publicados libros:

*El cambio, se lanzó el 4 noviembre 2017, disponible en nuestra tienda online y en Amazon.

Piensa mientras vives
Proyectas lo que has de aprender. Si quieres cambiar tu realidad, cambia tus pensamientos o seguirás en la misma rueda de dolor y estancamiento.
Piensa mientras vives
63 mensajes inspiradores que cambiarán tu rumbo

*Palabras del Corazón, publicado el 24 de febrero 2018, descargable en PDF o versión Kindle.


Think while you live is another way to practice meditation while walking. It is to live a life with the awareness of everything that surrounds you, but above all of what you do for your Being while you are alive.

The following books written in Spanish have the aim to make you re-think your living routine habits. We are sitting on a roller coaster ride that at times can be very dangerous. However, society is somehow forcing us to relax and live on it. These two books, “El cambio” and “Palabras del Corazón” want to inspire you to stop and meditate on your direction in life. Only you can make that decision, and only you know the right answer. But one thing is for sure if the lifestyles we are living are the correct ones, why are more people suffering diseases, lack of sleep and anxiety? There is a profound spiritual void and many people, especially millennials, are having a hard time finding peace within.

If we give education of the heart to students at an early age, we reduce most of the violence in the world. Unconditional love is lacking in people´s heart due to their lack of selfless love.

It is at this young age that most life decisions are made which later become very difficult to change. Or even if a change is possible, making it would require many changes that for most people would mean to give up what they presently have.

The world in which we live today forces us to be on top of things at all times and in all moments. The speed is so high that even if we read ten articles a day, they become obsolete the next day. If we attend to this quantity of knowledge, when are we going to dedicate time to our primary needs like food, hygiene, finances or clothing? We are outsourcing most of our daily errands to be able to keep up with the “competition” that forces us to leave everything that is not the next push marketing inducement.

Most importantly, where and when are we going to find the time to spend on what really matters at our last moment of breath? When our last day arrives, none of this information will help our soul or our body for this matter. Our state of mind at that moment is what will matter. Our last thought.

Therefore, how important it is then to focus on right thoughts. However, if we read lousy information online, listen to negative stories/gossip or judge others based on our limited capacity to understand what is beyond that person’s actions, how can we maintain good thinking? As our habits, so our mind and activities. Our destiny is heading in that direction.

Think while you live

Because most of the information we are getting bombarded with are from companies, and they need to sell something, we are more than prompted to listen or buy. We later regret, as there is no need for it. Nowadays most of us have enough material possessions. The new fashion or technology gadget intices young men and women into the purchase of the next “best thing.” Many even at the expense of spending on credit. The thought of not having it is superior to staying in debt. Others continue to remain children while adults,  so they don’t lose their status power.

Think while you live | Live while you think |

Words can change you.

Take a look at the recently published books.


In search of the Absolute Truth,

Bindu Dadlani

Piensa mientras vives | Vive mientras piensas |


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Decisions vs intentions


Decisions vs Intentions

There are no wrong decisions, only wrong intentions.

Take one step at a time…

Tomorrow will change…

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When undecided, wait. If confused, wait. If there is pressure, wait. Take some time off and reflect. What data have you gathered? What does it say? Make decisions from the heart when the mind is stable. Keep purity in your actions, intentions and decisions.


Stay pure


No hay decisiones equivocadas, solo intenciones equivocadas.

Entre quedar bien y hacer las cosas bien, haz lo segundo..

Da un paso de cada vez.

Mañana cambiará…

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Cuando haya indecisión, espera. Si hay confusión, espera. Si hay presión, espera. Tómate tiempo libre y reflexiona. ¿Qué datos has reunido? ¿Qué dicen? Toma decisiones desde el corazón cuando la mente está estable. Debe haber pureza en tus acciones, intenciones y decisiones.


En la búsqueda del conocimiento supremo,



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Will Power 

Will Power

Will Power

Develop will power as you march forward towards your dreams. An idle mind with a stagnant body is the beginning of the end of our lives. Be vibrant as you encompass your passions within.


Will Power
Will Power a little everyday


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Fuerza de voluntad

Desarrolla fuerza de voluntad mientras avanzas hacia tus sueños. Una mente ociosa con un cuerpo estancado es el principio del fin de nuestras vidas. Mantente vibrante mientras abarcas tus pasiones dentro.

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Negotiation versus Emotions




Negotiation versus Emotions

Do not look at what you lose. Be grateful for your gains. If you are about to negotiate and you would like a win-win situation, focus on the problem and not on the person.

Separate emotions from real facts and base yourself on the later.

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Negociaciones versus Emociones

No mires lo que pierdes. Agradece lo que ganas. Si estas a punto de negociar y te gustaría una situación ganar-ganar enfócate en el problema y no en la persona.

Separa las emociones de hechos reales y básate en la última.

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Focused Mission 

Focused Mission


Never divert from your path. Not even a single moment. Remember your goal and continue believing. Naysayers will distract you only if you allow them. Live in silence while you love open-heartedly.

Cree en ti 

Nunca te desvíes de tu camino. Ni siquiera un solo momento. Recuerda tu meta y continúa creyendo. Aquellos que no creen en ti te distraerán sólo si se lo permites. Vive en silencio mientras amas con corazón abierto.

En la búsqueda del conocimiento supremo,




My book “Living in Mindfulness: 351 Mindful Steps for Wise Living (Messages from the Heart) is available in Amazon paperback, Amazon Kindle and iBooks.

In search of the absolute truth,



Silent witness 

Silent Witness

Use your legs to walk, your ears to listen, while you observe silently the turn of events. You are not the doer. Surrender.

Usa tus piernas para caminar, tus oídos para escuchar, mientras observas silenciosamente el giro de acontecimientos. No eres el hacedor. Entrega.


silent witness

Often times we forget the secret to our success

In my book “Gateway to Happiness”, available on Amazon Kindle and iBooks, I share some deep findings based in my unique method of meditation-mindfulness combined with mind-body-soul re-activation…

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Faithful warrior 

Faith in your Inner Warrior


Make sure your faith turns stronger with every passing day. Hit your priorities first. Then attend the rest.


Asegúrate de que tu fe se fortalezca con el paso de los días. Atiende a tus prioridades primero. Luego el resto.




To dive deeper into this content, you are welcome to read my book “The Inner Warrior”, available on Amazon Kindle and iBooks.

I also wrote a blog post, The Leader Within Us, that gives some recommendations on how to achieve this.


Also available in my online shop.

Cherish Time Talk Less

Cherish Time Talk Less

Cherish Time

Enjoy your life as you are alive. Don´t regret each second of your day. It is omnipresent. Live each day as if it was your last day on earth making the most of your life here. Save energy by talking less. Be tolerant and accept others points of view. Integrate your experiences within to enhance wisdom, knowledge and opportunities. Life is all about timing and presence. Be present at all times while you watch the show as an observer. Those who do not do their karma well knowingly will pay their dues when the time is right. Continue focusing on your Self and everything will be fine.

Bindu Dadlani. Boston December 10, 2016


Acaricia el Tiempo

Disfruta de tu vida mientras estás con vida. No te arrepientas. Cada segundo es omnipresente. Vive cada día como si fuera tu último en la tierra sacándole el máximo partido a tu vida aquí. Ahorra energía hablando menos. Sé tolerante y acepta otros puntos de vista. Integra tus experiencias hacia adentro para mejorar tu sabiduría, conocimiento y oportunidades. La vida es sincronización y presencia. Estate presente a todas horas mientras observas el espectáculo como un observador. Aquellos que no hacen su karma bien sabiéndolo, pagarán sus cuotas cuando llegue el momento. Continua enfocándote en tu Ser y todo estará bien.

Bindu Dadlani. Boston, 10 Diciembre 2016


Cherish Time Talk Less
Time is a precious resource. Download my three books and achieve this purpose


Book links: 

  1. ”Despertando Conciencias: El Llamado” – Amazon Kindle
  2. “Despertando Conciencias” – iBooks 
  3.  “Living in Mindfulness: 351 Mindful Steps for Wise Living” – Amazon Kindle
  4.  “Living in Mindfulness: 351 Mindful Steps for Wise Living” – iBooks
  5. “Living in Mindfulness: 351 Mindful Steps for Wise Living” – Paperback Book
  6.  Book Trailer
  7. Gateway to Happiness: Mind Management through “Coaching Science” – iBooks


Te recomiendo mis libros, “Living in Mindfulness,  disponible en amazon iBooksLiving in Mindfulness – Bindu Dadlani. Mensajes diarios para ayudarte a mantener esa atención plena en ti y tu entorno.

Paperback Book Release
New Book Release available on Amazon
Gateway to Happiness
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Gateway to Happiness
Mind Management through “Coaching Science”


Bindu Dadlani is an Executive, Success and Mindfulness Power Coach who unleashes unlimited potential to transform your goals into a unique magical reality. You can follow her on Facebook / Facebook / Twitter / Twitter  / Instagram / Google + / Pinterest / PinterestDownload her FREE eBook “Despertando Conciencias” in Apple iBooks or Kindle Amazon.

Bindu Dadlani es una Power Mindfulness Coach Ejecutiva que desencadena un potencial ilimitado para transformar tus metas en una realidad mágica. Puedes seguirla en Facebook / Facebook / Twitter / Twitter  / Instagram / Google + / Pinterest / PinterestDescárgate gratuitamente su eBook “Despertando Conciencias” en iBooks Apple (con video y música integrada) o Kindle Amazon (más sencillo).


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Brain Potential

Brain Potential

Get on a Power Run – maximize brain potential. Distractions are dangerous. Careful. Be focused on your objective.

Brain Potential Maximization. We are constantly entangled in the desires of others and that of our mind. One way to bring a stop to the continuos inner chatter is with regular exercise – specially if it is cardiovascular. When positive thinking, physical exercise and meditation are practiced, the mind, the body and the soul are in unison. We are able to improve our bones, our brain, our heart and our sleep; essentially our entire health. Taking time out for these practices depends on us.


Lánzate a un “Power Run” – Incrementa tu potencial cerebral. Las distracciones son peligrosas. Ten cuidado. Enfócate en tu objetivo


Maximizando el potencial de la mente. Estamos constantemente enredados en los deseos de los demás y el de nuestra mente. Una forma de poner fin a la charla interior continua es con ejercicio regular – especialmente si es cardiovascular. Cuando el pensamiento positivo, el ejercicio físico y la meditación se practican, la mente, el cuerpo y el alma van al unísono. Somos capaces de mejorar los huesos, el cerebro, el corazón y el sueño; esencialmente toda nuestra salud. Tomarse el tiempo para estas prácticas depende de nosotros.

Brain Potential
Maximize your brain potential
Brain Potential
We are constantly entangled in the desires of others and that of our mind. One way to bring a stop to the continuos inner chatter is with regular exercise – specially if it is cardiovascular.

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Bindu Dadlani es una Power y Mindfulness Coach que desencadena un potencial ilimitado para transformar tus metas en una realidad mágica. Puedes seguirla en Facebook / Facebook / Twitter / Twitter  / Instagram / Google + / Pinterest / Pinterest


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Don´t follow others. Listen, Learn, Understand. Then, Follow Your Self  – Bindu Dadlani