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Booking Bindu for an appointment / Reserva tu cita con Bindu

Booking Bindu Power Coaching Booking Bindu | Get personalized help. To book your session with Bindu, please fill out the following information | Obtén ayuda personalizada. Para reservar tu cita con Bindu, por favor rellena la siguiente información:   Bindu awakens consciousness. She helps control the wavering mind and connect to the superconscious mind to manifest Read more about Booking Bindu for an appointment / Reserva tu cita con Bindu[…]

Boston WordPress Meetup Keynote

Boston WordPress Meetup Keynote: Unleashing the power of Jetpack to unlock the power of WordPress

Boston WordPress Meetup Keynote. [Versión española debajo] Unleashing the power of Jetpack to unlock the power of WordPress. From Business to WordPress and from WordPress to Business. All things possible with Jetpack, by Bindu Dadlani. Boston WordPress Meetup Keynote District Hall, Boston Innovation Center   My August 2017 website story  … I gave a talk on my Read more about Boston WordPress Meetup Keynote: Unleashing the power of Jetpack to unlock the power of WordPress[…]

eCommerce store new website design

eCommerce store new website design

eCommerce store new website design Buy online now at Bindu Power Coaching 🙂 [VERSIÓN ESPAÑOLA DEBAJO] Responsive and modern The web itself is an ever-shifting ecosystem. Bindu Power Coaching´s eCommerce store new website design allows for a more user-friendly menu, a new mobile-friendly experience, and a secure site. To add to the delight and comfort Read more about eCommerce store new website design[…]

Gateway to Happiness

Gateway to Happiness NEW Book Release

Gateway to Happiness – New Book Release by Bindu Dadlani Specific link to book: Spain – USA  Mind Management through “Coaching Science”. Coaching the subconscious mind: Helping you connect to your intuitive power within to achieve a “Super Brain”.   Gateway to Happiness is a book that contains evidenced-based research on the topic of “Coaching the Sub-Conscious mind (Lower Read more about Gateway to Happiness NEW Book Release[…]

Emprender con Auto-Confianza

Emprender con Auto-Confianza

“EMPRENDER CON AUTO-CONFIANZA. LIDERAZGO EMPRENDEDOR DEL SIGLO XXI” Bloque I del Seminario “EMPRENDER EN FEMENINO” impartida por  Bindu Dadlani / Bindu Power Coaching Gran Canaria, 18 Noviembre, 2016 @16:00 h   Emprender con Auto-Confianza. Liderazgo Emprendedor del Siglo XXI es el título de la Ponencia que Bindu Dadlani /Bindu Power Coaching expondrá en Gran Canaria, España. Bloque I del SEMINARIO EMPRENDER Read more about Emprender con Auto-Confianza[…]

Paperback Book Release

Paperback Book Release:

“Living in Mindfulness: 351 Mindful Steps for Wise Living” on Amazon by Mrs. Bindu Dadlani

Paperback Book Release

Paperback Book Release

Available on Amazon

Paperback Book Release

New Paperback Release

351  Messages to:

-Uplift your soul

-Awaken your conscience within

-Help you heal the past

-Liberate you from present bondage

-Guide you into creating a brighter future 

“Your life is your message. Your message defines your soul” – Bindu Dadlani


Paperback Book Release: Our life has no guarantee. Unless we make a determined effort to stop negative habits, we will continue to fall prey to our lowest impulses. Whether it is allowing other people to rule over us or permitting our negative traits to dance around us, we need to make a conscious effort to stop and redirect our ship towards our desired destination. This is the beginning of our role in our lives. Leadership begins here.

The purpose is to awaken the inner self; taking to action the dictates of our conscience. 

Please read each page carefully to discover a deeper message when in a moment of quiet, or a situation you want to resolve. The answer will come. Be patient and absorbed with an open mind. Allow yourself you be guided by your own self-analysis. This book can be used as a walking mindful personal journal.


Reviews by readers on Amazon:

“A gift from the heart”

It is amazing how the author has been gathering, organizing, experimenting and now ‘sharing’ with us this precious information, which will help each one of us in our journey through life… The meaning of each thought might touch every person in a different way, depending on the situation we are living in that precise moment… I definitely recommend its reading, as well as to keep it as a ‘day-to-day reference book’…


Living in Mindfulness is a book which contains inspiring messages …

Living in Mindfulness is a book which contains inspiring messages, with a powerful essence which will not leave anyone indifferent. Its messages transmit an energy that makes you enter the world where you want things to happen, your dreams come true, and that the mundane things disappear from your life… to make way for the really important things, things that will make your life richer and more rewarding, and that will give you the opportunity to become the person who you really want to be.

Paperback Book Release


Una guía espiritual para nuestro día a día

Interesante libro con sus interesantes y cuidadosamente seleccionados mensajes, que la autora comparte con nosotros a partir de su propia experiencia. Un regalo hecho “desde el corazón” que ayuda a guiarnos en nuestra vida cotidiana, según la fase y el aprendizaje por los que estemos pasando en cada momento. Un trabajo con profundidad y meticuloso, elaborado además con todo el cariño que se plasma en el libro.

Paperback Book Release



Coaching para la Mente. 351 tesoros reveladores para incrementar nuestra intuición diaria. Esperanza, fuerza, claridad mental, coraje para luchar, ganas para cambiar y un sinfín de mensajes personales, son sólo algunos de los destellos que guarda este eBook que promete cambiar la vida de quien lo aplica. Los 351 mensajes te ayudan a conectarte con tu Ser convirtiéndote en tu verdadero coach interior. El vivir con atención plena –mindfulness – te lleva a un viaje hacia el verdadero sentido de tu vida, uno donde terminan las fronteras para empezar a vivir tus posibilidades. Disfruta al leer estas páginas creadas para elevar tu alma Bindu Power Coaching


Feedback Review Newsletter Reader – Frank Curran, photographer, Boston MA

Feedback Review Newsletter – Frank Curran, photographer, Boston MA

  Feedback from reading Bindu Power Coaching´s Power Newsletter:   “I’m so glad to have signed up for your daily posts. Very inspirational! Thanks! 5th october 2014 “Thanks! Do love the inspiration” 8th February 2015 “I continue to be inspired by your daily posts. This is a very generous service you offer” 14 February 2015 “Thanks! Been Read more about Feedback Review Newsletter – Frank Curran, photographer, Boston MA[…]

Durante la conferencia veremos ejemplos de grandes líderes que alcanzaron esta cima con valores y principios, y cómo con este tipo de dirección de empresas pudieron llevar incluso hasta una nación entera hacia su independencia.

Conferencia Liderazgo y Equipos

Conferencia Liderazgo  Conferencia Liderazgo en el Siglo XXI, “Cómo Construir y Gestionar Equipos con Valores de Alto Rendimiento”, organizado por el Cabildo Insular de Tenerife, tuvo lugar en la Cámara de Comercio de Santa Cruz de Tenerife el 17 de Abril del 2013. Más de 280 personas llenaron el Salón de Actos de la Cámara. Read more about Conferencia Liderazgo y Equipos[…]

New York Times Bestseller, “Super Brain” with Dr. Deepak Chopra. Dr. Tanzi also hosts the nationwide public television special, “Super Brain with Dr. Rudolph Tanzi” that explores new discoveries in neuroscience to maximize the potential of the human brain in practical and actionable ways.

Harvard Coaching Conference

Harvard Coaching  Conference in Leadership and Healthcare 2015  8th Annual IOC Conference  September 24 VIP Reception – September 25-26 Two-day Conference #Renaissance Boston #Waterfront #Hotel Bindu Dadlani @bindudadlani, Founding Fellow IOC at McLean Hospital, #Harvard Medical School affiliate and Bindu Power Coaching @bindupowercoach participates in the 8th #Annual Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference offered by the Institute of Coaching, Read more about Harvard Coaching Conference[…]

Connected Advice

Power Advice. From “Prison” to Freedom

Power Advice Making changes from “Prison” to Freedom Power advise to Liberate yourself. How can you benefit from a Power Coaching Session with @bindupowercoach? You will: re-program limiting beliefs that do not allow you to walk your chosen path to success start accomplishing dreams immediately after your first session see and experience hope to live the life Read more about Power Advice. From “Prison” to Freedom[…]

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