Los resultados de sus sesiones son incuestionables. Los beneficios son “perdurables”.

conocimientos y mecanismos

“La importancia de conectar con uno mismo para avanzar”.

El siguiente testimonio anónimo nos cuenta su experiencia de los resultados obtenidos en las sesiones con Bindu.

Enfatiza la importancia de conectar con uno mismo para avanzar como clave para no desviarnos del “camino”.

¿Qué beneficios te aportan sus sesiones?

Conocí a Bindu hace unos años, y mentiría si dijera que no ha habido un antes y un después en mi vida desde entonces. Los beneficios de sus sesiones son realmente increíbles.  No se pueden transmitir fácilmente si no se experimentan en primera persona.

Cada uno de nosotros tenemos nuestros propios problemas, inquietudes, objetivos… y cuando solventas esos problemas, conquistas tus inquietudes y logras tus objetivos sientes sus poderosos resultados.

¿Cómo dirige Bindu el trabajo?

Desde la primera sesión los efectos son extraordinarios. Esto se debe a que Bindu dirige el trabajo centrándose en la raíz del problema, que posiblemente se remonte a experiencias vividas años atrás o a la infancia. Utiliza un método a través del cual puedes llegar a tu “yo más profundo”, descubriendo lo que realmente quieres e identificando “donde estás ahora”. A un nivel que una persona conscientemente, por sí sola, no llegaría.

¿Para qué necesitamos el auto-conocimiento?

Hoy en día existen miles de distracciones a nuestro alrededor que nos desvían de nuestros sueños (ladrones de tiempo, compromisos de amigos y/o familiares, redes sociales, personas cercanas tóxicas, etc.). De ahí la importancia de saber “dónde estamos” y “dónde queremos ir”. Si no sabemos esto, estamos “perdidos”. Nunca seremos “felices”.

La importancia de conectar con uno mismo.

Muchas veces ni siquiera nos damos cuenta de que vamos por el camino equivocado. De ahí la importancia “vital” de pararnos y reflexionar sobre ello, conectando con nuestro yo interior. El único que tiene la información de lo que queremos (no la tienen nuestros amigos ni familiares, por mucho que nos conozcan…). Lo más importante es “conocernos nosotros”.

¿Podemos llegar al núcleo del problema por nosotros mismos?

Y si esto es de gran importancia, como será si además identificas dificultades en tu vida que no te están dejando avanzar. Eso urge “resolverlo”. Y como he comentado, llegar al meollo de esas dificultades por nosotros mismos es prácticamente imposible. Por un lado, normalmente no somos conscientes de ello, y segundo, porque desconocemos las herramientas necesarias para llegar al origen del problema y solucionarlo.

¿Podemos disponer del conocimiento y mecanismos necesarios?

En mi caso, puedo decir que a día de hoy “solventar” los obstáculos que encuentro en mi camino y “enfocarme” en mis objetivos es vital para mí. Pero no habría podido disponer del conocimiento y mecanismos necesarios para hacerlo si no hubiera trabajado con Bindu.

Puedo dar fe de que los resultados de sus sesiones son incuestionables. Lo más asombroso, es que los beneficios son “perdurables”. La vida es una, y creo que es esencial vivirla de forma plena. Por lo que, tener la oportunidad de trabajar con Bindu para conseguirlo lo considero “un regalo”.

Carla Álvarez.La importancia de conectar con uno mismo

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Coaching with Conscience

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Happiness Coach


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Who is Bindu, what is her mission and her message

Happiness Coach Bindu will share today some of her lifelong secrets towards Mindfulness Meditation, Executive Coaching, and Consciousness in the Workplace.

Dear subscribers and visitors to Bindu Power Coaching site

Firstly, I would like to thank all subscribers for your continuing support all these years. It has gratified me knowing that some of you out there are ready to read my next post 🙂 Secondly, I would like to explain who Bindu is, what is her mission and what is the message she wants to convey through this website.

A little background story about BPC

Bindu Power Coaching (BPC) website started in 2011 by someone who believed in Bindu. She took this opportunity to use the platform as a writing tool where she could share with the world her message. Since she was tiny, Bindu loved to express herself. She did this through dancing, writing, speaking, painting, drawing, singing,  and used many other outdoor outlets she needed to fulfill her heart’s desire.

As she grew up, she realized she needed to heal areas of her life. She was not happy from within herself. She felt empty inside. So, Bindu traveled throughout the world at an early age to find answers. The eastern world took her to practice yoga and meditation. She started spirituality in her way, as she calls it. Very carefully, after reading about different masters, religions, and faiths, she followed a path.

Sharing her self-knowledge through blogs and books

After mourning and healing for almost 40 years of her life, she is now in a space where she can share her experiences. Most importantly, she now has the tools that work on a wounded heart, body-mind, and soul. Bindu now uses her website to express herself in writing while sharing breakthrough techniques that work.

Certified Professional Coach

Becoming a certified coach or learning cutting-edge psychotherapy techniques are just the signature of her ability. Her graduate, post-graduate and master management degrees from top world universities hold value today because of the peace of mind she has achieved. Throughout pressing moments of her life, she never gave up. However, continued in search of help, answers, and healing from the inside. Today she combines her knowledge, experience, and academic preparation into a unique recipe: how to master your mind. She has turned into a Happiness Coach.

Her mission – Happiness Coach

Empowering unlimited potential in every mind, through unconditional love. Bindu has learned the pathways to make this happen. Bindu Dadlani is a happiness coach, a mindfulness power coach and a mentor that can solve your problems in a strictly confidential atmosphere of presence and trust.

The message

Living the life of your dreams is possible. First, it is important to check where your feet are about those dreams. Second, use the right techniques to point to that direction. As we march forward, we notice bumps in the way, which together we rearrange back in the right direction. As we re-program the brain to re-learn the old mode of living, we notice new possibilities opening up and new frontiers not yet discovered. It turns out magical when you are in the process of transformation. One thing is for sure: the change is apparent within and without. And as you look back, you realize nothing is no longer the way it was. You are now a new person. However, still in old clothes.

Letting go of old belief systems, live in freedom

As we make go of old belief systems, in other words, as we get ready to remove our old clothes and outdated habits, we set the tone for new attitudes. It is like getting ready for a long journey. The less luggage, the more the comfort. In this case, there are only a handful of attitudes we need to engage our life to a new thread of happiness. At the essence, we are all the same. And this is what the method does through happiness Coach Bindu. It creates real-time tailor-made techniques that alter your life forever. Any change we want to make in our lives needs to start in our subconscious first. When these changes happen on the inside, the changes on the outside are not only evident, but they start materializing immediately.

Coaching with conscience

Bindu engages the person in a series of questions that take her to understand within a few minutes where the problem lies. She is like a detective, figuring out within seconds the mind mapping strategy of the other person. As she learns their minds trap, she opens her toolbox. From there she extracts the unique action-oriented tool that will change the limiting belief of the person into an exponential solution of actions. Her more than thirty years of experience both on herself and her clients, allow self-confidence to shine through her results. Within an hour, Bindu helps fix the problem. The person gets back to their usual routine sensing a profound change within.

Happiness Coach and Inner Peace

As the person works on their inner self, they notice joy and inner peace. These are standard results of continuous practice with the mind and the emotions. Bindu offers techniques that work. There are many professionals out there that meet the same or better purpose. When you allow anyone to know your innermost secrets, what is essential is that you feel comfortable, with a sense of trust.  And you can gauge this by how you feel. If you feel good, and you see results, this it is!

Mindfulness Meditation – The Meeting

Happiness Coach Bindu is practicing mindfulness meditation for more than 25 years. Hence, each session with her raises your consciousness through a profound meditation process. You are mindful and conscious. The level keeps increasing to the point your super-conscious allows. The more we work on an inner level, the more we grow on the inside. It is like training for a marathon or in a gym. The dedication and constancy are the keys to elevating your mind to supra-conscious levels.

Executive Coaching

Power Happiness Mindfulness Coach Bindu Dadlani enters a company understanding the details and flaws immediately. Her entrepreneurial business international preparation and experience allow her to detect where the fault lies within the higher-level organizational system. After looking at the numbers of the company, she goes straight to the CEOs and department managers. At first, she works on helping them improve their communication skills with themselves and others. As a result, they benefit on a personal level, reflecting an immediate betterment in their relationships with loved ones at home. Then, she integrates all departments to work in unison as a high performing team. She applies human values in management and organizations.

Raising consciousness in the workplace to strengthen leadership

When managers at the higher level organizational pyramid are happy from within, they show that positivity levels down. A company with comfortable top leadership positions will most likely succeed in today’s VUCA (volatileuncertaincomplex, ambiguous) world. To make decisions that provide lasting happiness to their surroundings, they learn to connect with their essence. This practice, first helps them take into account the sentiments of people, climate changes, and world resources. Second, they learn to open their hearts. The inner awakening provides them with empathy and understanding, forgiveness and, above all, softness. Later, they learn to lead with this new heart. The ball game changes and they are unrecognizable.


Through research, education, and innovation, Happiness Coach Bindu provides tools that will enhance a person´s intuition to supra-conscious levels. Mindfulness Meditation, Executive Coaching, and Consciousness in the Workplace are just some of her ability areas. Her mission and message involve deeper layers of consciousness that are visible through her power sessions. This method grows exponentially, the more you practice. That is, the more you are in tune with the core essence of your soul. Once you learn the technique, liberation is at your doorstep.

When I ask my clients what they feel once they’ve been through the process, the one word they keep using is “liberating” – Bindu Dadlani, Happiness Coach

Bindu has self-published nine books, available through Amazon, iBooks, and her online store, her new website design in constant innovation 🙂

You can also listen to her podcast on iTunes, or subscribe to her newsletter (these are mostly written in English and Spanish).

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Happiness Coach
In each session, we’ll practice mind power techniques that will alter your mental and cognitive processes to remove the programming we all received as a child. It’s like a major software update. You’re still you, but you’ll have a whole new set of abilities you never had before.


Awakening Consciousness

Awakening Consciousness

The beginnings of Awakening your Conscience

Awakening Consciousness


Awakening to a meaningful life

¿When does someone realize they need this kind of inner work?

Most of my clients reach out to me when their life is either about to sink or in deep waters. Somehow their conscience is ready for a turn of events, for a change. For awakening consciousness. They want to go from the victim role to taking responsibility for their lives. Their inner self is thirsty for wisdom that will awaken their consciousness to higher walks of life. During the session, they see where they are, what their mind is doing and how they can change their lives. They go from misery and emptiness to happiness and peace.

¿What is the first aspect you touch upon?

One of the first aspects we touch upon is their goals. More often than not, they are clueless. Other times, they think they are heading in the right direction. But when confronted with specific questions they have no answers. Their dreams are not agreeing with their life, and their actions are contrary to their thoughts. This incongruence is the first point of the study. Watch this testimonial from a lawyer who found answers through this method.

Awakening consciousness

¿Where does Self-Knowledge play a role?

During this power coaching session, you start discovering immediately where your life is about your purpose and goal. Bindu introduces you to the timeless concept of kaizen (the Japanese word for “continual improvement.” In business, it refers to activities involving all employees from the CEO to the assembly line workers. To processes like logistics, that cross organizational boundaries into the supply chain).

Awakening consciousness

This eastern tradition of discipline is the cornerstone of her work where self-mastery is at the base of the transformation process. After several sessions with her, you start building a more vibrant, happier and more enlightened life. She puts you through different trials until you finally master virtues. These give you the mental reserves required to persevere when the going gets tough.

How do executives benefit from these power sessions?

Most executives need to rekindle the fire for living lost before their profession, and mundane life stole their soul. When working with Bindu, they enter a sanctuary where their broken spirit slowly starts to heal. They begin a life of simplicity, serenity, and harmony.

How do we recover our desired state of mind?

Levels of consciousness vary according to our state of mind. There are moments in life where we are more lucid than others. Staying close to the center that guides us and makes us feel safe is key. In order to be at all times feeling empowered and in the right direction, we need that desired state of mind. If there is a deviation in this sense, returning to that mental state is a priority before losing our north. The sessions with Bindu help you to recover the point that you need to become independent and free to your growth. It is awakening your conscience from the root of your being.

Who needs a continuous process of work?

Those who wish to go even deeper into higher levels of “awakening consciousness,” follow a continuous process of work. This inner quest varies according to the need of each person and the karmic evolution of their soul. The results to date have been truly spectacular. One session is enough to know what Bindu´s intuition is about and how far it can go.

Awakening consciousness

“From the sessions with Bindu Power Coaching, where you get to the “root” of the problem, the money invested not only comes back to us but also multiplies.” – María Pérez Ramos, Lawyer

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How does she apply Executive Coaching worldwide?

Bindu Dadlani has attended several global business summits, such as the renowned “Global Investors Business Summit” in India. She is involved with globalization, international relations, and disruptive innovation. Bindu creates customized solutions, unique business models, and action plans that professionals, business people, and managers love. She increases your financial capital and your net worth, through simple conscious steps that will alter your life or your business in a significant way.

Contact Bindu Dadlani, Executive Happiness Mindfulness Power Coach for yours or your company´s tailor-made inner work process.


Despertando Conciencias

El comienzo de una vida significativa

¿Cuándo se da cuenta alguien de que necesita este tipo de trabajo interno?

La mayoría de mis clientes se acercan a mí cuando su vida está a punto de hundirse; en aguas profundas. De alguna manera su conciencia está lista para un giro de acontecimientos, para un cambio. Quieren pasar del papel de víctima a asumir responsabilidad. Su yo interno está sediento de sabiduría interna para despertar su conciencia hacia caminos más elevados. Durante la sesión, pueden ver dónde están, qué están haciendo y a dónde se dirigen. Ven cómo pueden cambiar sus vidas de la miseria y el vacío, a la felicidad y la paz.

¿Cuál es el primer aspecto que se toca?

Uno de los primeros aspectos que tocamos son los objetivos de la persona o dela empresa. A menudo no saben en absoluto donde se encuentran. Otras veces, piensan que se dirigen en la dirección correcta. Pero cuando se enfrentan a preguntas específicas, no tienen respuestas. Sus sueños no están en consonancia con su vida y sus acciones son contrarias a sus pensamientos. Este es el primer punto de estudio.

¿Dónde juega el autoconocimiento su papel?

En una sesión con Bindu, comienzas a descubrir inmediatamente dónde está tu vida con respecto a tu propósito y tu objetivo. Ella te presenta el concepto eterno de kaizen (la palabra japonesa para “mejora continua”. En los negocios, se refiere a actividades que involucran a todos los empleados. Desde el CEO a los trabajadores de la línea de ensamblaje, hasta procesos como el de la logística, que cruzan los límites de la organización hacia la cadena de suministro).

Esta tradición oriental de disciplina es la piedra angular de su trabajo donde el auto-dominio está en la base del proceso de transformación. Después de varias sesiones con ella, comienzas a construir una vida más rica, más feliz y más iluminada. Bindu te empuja a atravesar diferentes pruebas hasta que finalmente te  deshaces de tus bloqueos, y logras fomentar, así como saber utilizar tus virtudes”para proporcionarte las reservas mentales necesarias para perseverar cuando las cosas se ponen difíciles.

¿Cómo se benefician los ejecutivos de estas sesiones poderosas?

La mayoría de los ejecutivos necesitan reavivar el fuego por la vida que se perdió antes de que su profesión y la vida mundana robaran su alma. Cuando trabajan con Bindu, entran en un santuario donde su espíritu roto lentamente comienza a sanar. Empiezan una vida de sencillez, serenidad y armonía.

¿Cómo recuperamos nuestro estado anímico deseado?

Los niveles de conciencia varían según nuestro estado mental. Por eso hay momentos en la vida en que estamos más lúcidos y otros en que carecemos de ese centro que nos dirige, nos guía y nos hace sentir seguros. Para estar en todo momento sintiendo que estamos en la dirección acertada, necesitamos situarnos en ese estado mental deseado. Si hay un desvío en este sentido, volver a ese estado es prioritario antes de perder el norte. Las sesiones con Bindu te ayudan a recuperar ese punto que necesitas para desde ahí ser independiente y libre en tu crecimiento. Es despertar tu conciencia desde la raíz de tu ser.

¿Quién necesita un proceso continuo de trabajo?

Aquellas personas que desean profundizar aún más en ascender a niveles supra-conscientes, sienten el deseo y la necesidad de seguir un proceso de trabajo continuo. Esto varía según la necesidad de cada persona y la evolución kármica de su alma. Los resultados hasta la fecha han sido realmente espectaculares. Una sesión es suficiente para saber en qué consisten el método de trabajo, así como la magnitud de la intuición de Bindu ·y su clarividencia”, en cuanto al camino recorrido y por recorrer.

“La inversión económica que suponen las sesiones puede parecer cara, pero se obtiene un bienestar cuyo valor no es fácil de calcular”- Bruno, Abogado, 54 años

¿Cómo aplica Bindu el Coaching Ejecutivo en todo el mundo?

Bindu Dadlani ha asistido a varias cumbres de negocio mundiales, como la renombrada “Global Investors Business Summit” en India. Está muy relacionada así como involucrada en la globalización, las relaciones internacionales y la innovación disruptiva. Bindu crea soluciones a medida, modelos de negocio únicos y planes de acción que a los profesionales, emprendedores y a gerentes de empresas, demandan y valoran enormemente. Ella aumenta tu capital financiero y tu patrimonio neto, a través de pasos conscientes y sencillos que mejoraján tu vida o la de tu empresa de modo significativo.

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Awakening Consciousness

Awakening Consciousness
Awakening Consciousness: Most of my clients reach out to me when their life is either about to sink or in deep waters. Somehow their conscience is ready for a turn of events, for a change.