El método Bindu Power.

Testimonio de El Método Bindu Power, Entrenadora Espiritual Bindu Power

Saber escuchar como base del cambio. A continuación comparto el testimonio de un consultor, empresario, filósofo y aventurero que experimenta el método Bindu Power tras ser visitado por la muerte. Este resumen de sensaciones verídicas, da respuesta a los resultados alcanzados cuando nos ponemos en las manos de un método efectivo, con mente y corazón …

My inner journey with Bindu after 10 Power Sessions

Power Sessions

Another truthful testimonial In today’s post, I share results from my client in Luxembourg, who has generously allowed me to publish his experience after ten power sessions. Although one session is enough to view an immediate change in our state of mind, those who resiliently work on an inner level and regularly do the homework …

COVID-19 Healing in the Iron Age

healing during COVID-19

A healing method that works The pandemic has changed the planet. And the lack of preparedness has stagnated businesses as usual. Thus, the devastation in capitalism is brutal. However, also on mental and physical health. This post will share how BPC can help during COVID-19 or any other tumultuous moment in the life of a …

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