Awaken to your true nature with Phyllis Krystal´s Method

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One of the tools I use in my Power Coaching Sessions is Phyllis Krystal Techniques. Her work is an invaluable tool that consists of cutting ties to anyone or anything that bind us. Phyllis emphasizes that we need to cut the ties from people, attitudes, habits, roles, rules, regulations, and old belief systems that do not allow us to become who we are. Then, as we release from old patterns, those relationships improve, giving room for unconditional love. Hence, “Surrender, Trust and Accept,” as Phyllis says. This journey transforms life from the old to the new.

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Awaken to your true nature

In truth, most of us have covered our true nature with many layers that obscure who we are in the essence of our Self. For this reason, one of the tools I use in my Power Coaching Sessions is Phyllis Krystal Techniques. Her work is an invaluable tool that consists of cutting ties to anyone or anything that bind us. The tools helps us awaken to our true nature.

Phyllis Krystal techniques contain specific symbols for cutting ties that act directly on the subconscious mind. Clients come out of the session relaxed, aware, stress-free, conscious of their situation, and learning to rely on the High C as their only source of nourishment. The book contains three case studies of real-life stories reflecting upon the success of the Phyllis Krystal Method, CTTTB “Cutting the Ties That Bind,” in my executive coaching work and business healing practices.

As an international coach, I have shared her Method to thousands of people, including children and young adults. Also, with diverse business leaders and teams within companies. And as a CEO Coach, I encounter several cases of clients having success in their professional fields. However, they are not able to translate it into emotional and financial success.

After receiving a session under the Power Coaching Program, the “old you” become part of the past. The new you will emerge to take charge of your life positively. The Bindu Power Coaching (BPC) Program is unique because it corrects the problem in the subconscious mind. Thus, re-programming belief patterns, cultural codes, and behaviors that no longer serve our soul. I focus on single, couple, and group sessions. These meetings are customized, attending the sole issue at hand. The results are immediately visible after the first encounter.

I continue to integrate, share, and practice the Phyllis Krystal Method. The process of inner work allows for an intense process of metamorphosis to take place. And the transformation is from the root of the individual. Thus, getting free from negative patterns and control. This journey transforms life from the old to the new.

This book is also available on Amazon Kindle.

About Bindu

Bindu Dadlani graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, Finance. And a postgraduate degree from Harvard University in eCommerce. Having worked in the retail industry, banking, non-for profit, and education sectors, she understood the need for the 21st Century. So, she built her own company based on business healing. When she’s not working, you will find her exploring her mind, in extensive worldwide traveling, or just sitting in nature while creating the material that will continue altering her life and that of others forever.

2 reviews for Awaken to your true nature with Phyllis Krystal´s Method

  1. María Pérez Ramos

    A perfect explanation of the BPC Program through the use of the ‘Phyllis Krystal Method’; an effective and liberating program.

    If you read this book you will discover a precise and clear definition about what the BPC Sessions consist of, as well as some examples of its unquestionable and long-lasting positive results.
    The way the author shares some of the bases and tools helps us to understand how direct and fast it can deepen into our subconscious mind. There, it gets to the origin of each problem immediately, and, as explained in the book, solves it by cutting the ties that bind us to the issue at hand with the aid of the ‘Phyllis Krystal Method’.
    The three case studies described are a representative sample. Since I have tried the BPC Program and I continue working with it, I can confirm that what it is written in the book matches the reality.

  2. Carla Álvarez (verified owner)

    The tools provided by the author in her program through the Phyllis Krystal method are really amazing and effective, which explains conscientiously in her book, and can be verified after the sessions. Her work highlights the importance of sharing this knowledge and putting it into practice, especially to achieve inner peace, become our best version and bring the best to the society.

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