Messages from the heart: Living in Mindfulness

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351 Power Messages to:
-Uplift your soul
-Awaken your conscience within
-Help you heal the past
-Liberate you from present bondage
-Guide you in creating a brighter future

“Your life is your message. Your message defines your soul.”

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Messages from the heart

Our life has no guarantee. Unless we make a determined effort to stop harmful habits, we will continue to fall prey to our lowest impulses. Whether it is allowing other people to rule over us or permitting our negative traits to dance around us, we need to make a conscious effort to stop and redirect our ship towards our desired destination. This inner change is the beginning of our role in our lives. Leadership begins here.

The purpose is to awaken the inner self; taking to action the dictates of our conscience. Bindu Dadlani took all these pictures and photographs while traveling the world.

351 Power Messages to:

  • uplift your soul
  • awaken your conscience within
  • help you heal the past
  • liberate you from present bondage
  • guide you in creating a brighter future

“Your life is your message. Your message defines your soul.”

Please read each page carefully to discover a more profound message when in a moment of quiet, or a situation you want to resolve. The answer will come. Be patient and absorbed with an open mind. Allow yourself your self-analysis guide you.

Use this book as a walking mindful personal journal.

Also available in paperback, Amazon Kindle, and iBooks.

Paperback Book Release by Mrs. Bindu Dadlani.

2 reviews for Messages from the heart: Living in Mindfulness

  1. María Pérez Ramos (verified owner)

    “Spiritual guidelines for every day use”

    If you think you might sometimes lose your path, if you feel confused or that you could need some enlightenment, or even help in order to take an important decision, do not hesitate, just buy this book…
    Its reading will not leave you indifferent.
    The messages it contents have been carefully selected by the author based on her own experience, which proves that each one of them counts with a deep and truly sense, as well as with its own spiritual meaning.
    A “gift” to ease our troubles in our daily life…
    A “lighthouse” at our disposal in difficult and dark situations.

  2. Carla Álvarez

    Carla Álvarez – October 22, 2017

    “Living in Mindfulness” is a reading which I recommend to everyone, especially to those who think things can be questioned, to those who feel they are not where they should be, to those who want to know why things happen, to those who want to achieve their dreams and think they might be far away… The power of its words is intense and wise, and I hope that, as it has happened to me, it will help you awaken and raise your consciousness to focus on your goals and enjoy your life fully, and even when you have moments of doubt, its messages calm your insecurities, bring clarity and give you the strength you need to reorient your way, becoming a vital tool.

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