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3 steps to come out of a Shock

3 steps to come out of a Shock 3 Steps to come out of a shock: There are times that a sudden news might take you off guard. Specially when you are not consulted and decisions take place without your advice. Being part of the project, this information might hurt you and you might close your heart. Read more about 3 steps to come out of a Shock[…]

Wise answers on the way

Save energy – listen to your heart. Answers will come. Have patience. How hard is to surrender – yet how rewarding are its results. When we truly renounce and let go our will to allow the universe to take hold of our life, we enter into the realm of magical surprises. And if we add Read more about Wise answers on the way[…]

06-25-2014 INNER time

Be careful with the thief’s of time. They distract you from your goal. It is in silence that you will attain your answers @bindupowercoach #Boston #ProudtoBU Cuidado con los “ladrones” de tu tiempo. Te distraen de la meta. Es en el silencio donde obtienes tus respuestas @bindupowercoach #Boston #Proud2BU

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