Knowing what we want is key

The one ability you need to Focus…

The one ability you need to Focus… Our present day involves managing & shuffling hundreds and sometimes thousands of little tasks. As we set ourselves to accomplish them, more and more come forward requiring our immediate attention. We are bombarded with information. Seldom do we know where to proceed. As we continue in the day, Read more about The one ability you need to Focus…[…]

08-08-2014 WIN-SELF

Voice creates a profound impact in our heads. Let us pay attention to what we hear. Win the game against your worse enemy: yourself @bindupowercoach #PROUDTOBU La voz crea un impacto profundo en nuestras mentes. Prestemos atención a lo que escuchamos. Vence a tu peor enemigo: tu mismo @bindupowercoach #PROUDTOBU

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