Libertad financiera y emocional

Libertad financiera y emocional

Libertad financiera y emocional


Agradecimiento testimonio y Valoración

Tengo mucho que agradecer a Bindu Dadlani por haberme hecho conseguir mi libertad financiera y emocional.

Ahora todo está muy bien. Mi familia y yo estamos tranquilos y felices.

Disfrutamos el día a día sin miedos y sin prisas.

Mil gracias, Bindu.


Testimonio de una persona que ha trabajado con Bindu Power Coach


Su webinar “Re-programando nuestra inteligencia financiera” te dará pautas claves para ayudarte a entender el “por qué” de tu economía. Si tienes una empresa y quieres mejorar los resultados económicos, puedes escuchar su podcast.

Para gestionar tu tiempo, resolver conflictos, ganar calma interna y obtener claves para empoderarte, su webinar “Gestión del estrés” te aportará secretos para toda la vida. La compra en su nueva web es segura. Aprovecha ahora que además hay descuentos de verano 🙂

Si deseas leer, su libro “9 Prácticas que cambiarán tu destino”, disponible en su tienda online, Amazon Kindle o iBooks, marcará un antes y un después en conocimientos financieros y emocionales.

Resultados: Obtendrás libertad mental.

Si deseas ascender pero hay algo que te impide romper barreras, este video puede ayudarte a colocarte en puestos de decisión.

Bindu Dadlani es una Power Mindfulness Coach Ejecutiva que desencadena un potencial ilimitado para transformar tus metas en una realidad mágica. Si deseas un mayor compromiso, contacta con ella.


Financial and Emotional Freedom

Thank you Testimonial and Rating Review

I have much to thank Bindu Dadlani for making me get my financial and emotional freedom.

Now everything is fine. My family and I are calm and happy.

We enjoy the day to day without fears and without haste.

Thank you, Bindu.


Testimonial of someone who has worked with Bindu Power Coach


Her paperback or eBook “Living in Mindfulness” will give you key guidelines to help you with your emotions. Her eBook “The Inner Warrior,” available at her new online store, Amazon Kindle or iBooks, will mark a before and an after in regards to your financial and emotional skills.

Results: You will get mental freedom.

Bindu Dadlani is an Executive, Success and Mindfulness Power Coach who unleashes unlimited potential to transform your goals into a unique magical reality. For further engagement, contact her.

Libertad financiera y emocional
Testimonio de alguien que ha trabajado con Bindu Power Coach



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Will Power 

Will Power

Will Power

Develop will power as you march forward towards your dreams. An idle mind with a stagnant body is the beginning of the end of our lives. Be vibrant as you encompass your passions within.


Will Power
Will Power a little everyday


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Fuerza de voluntad

Desarrolla fuerza de voluntad mientras avanzas hacia tus sueños. Una mente ociosa con un cuerpo estancado es el principio del fin de nuestras vidas. Mantente vibrante mientras abarcas tus pasiones dentro.

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Focused Mission 

Focused Mission


Never divert from your path. Not even a single moment. Remember your goal and continue believing. Naysayers will distract you only if you allow them. Live in silence while you love open-heartedly.

Cree en ti 

Nunca te desvíes de tu camino. Ni siquiera un solo momento. Recuerda tu meta y continúa creyendo. Aquellos que no creen en ti te distraerán sólo si se lo permites. Vive en silencio mientras amas con corazón abierto.

En la búsqueda del conocimiento supremo,




My book “Living in Mindfulness: 351 Mindful Steps for Wise Living (Messages from the Heart) is available in Amazon paperback, Amazon Kindle and iBooks.

In search of the absolute truth,



3 ways to turn your Dream into Reality

Discover and Awaken the Hero within you.

Think and Dream big. As your mind, so your life and the results you build throughout your journey. Some of us were once told “you will never be able to, forget dreaming, it is impossible”. Even if that person represents an authority figure, never believe in negative afirmations. The truth is that none of it is true. The only thing that never changes is that everything changes. You can absolutely make your inner most desires and dreams a reality; history has demonstrated it throughout the years.


3 ways to make it happen:


  1. Know what you want and go for it. If you are clear about your vision, you can make it a mission for which to fight for. The sole idea of pursuing your dream will help you get up every day with passion and vitality.


  1. Discover and Awaken the Hero within you. You have powerful abilities within untapped. As the challenge, so the reward. The more you do all it takes to follow your dream and make it a reality, the more you will experience what you desire. You will meet the exact people and situations needed to make it happen. Be alert, follow the signs and open the doors to experience magic. The only ingredient you need is faith in your own ideas, mind and potential within.


  1. Believe in yourself.  @JonathanAlpert “describes 4 powerful beliefs to help you accomplish what you never thought possible” in How Can You Make the Impossible Possible. Beliefs are powerful. Believe you can do it. Remind yourself a challenging time in your life when you were able to surpass your own limitations. How did you do it? What difficulties did you face and how were you able to get through? Take the same ingredients and apply them towards accomplishing your dream in this lifetime. The opportunity is in your hands.


Many people say often “you will never be able to make your dreams a reality. These are just fairy tale stories created by your mind”. We all know it is not true. In present time, more than ever before, we are witnessing diverse people transforming their lives as we speak.


We are living in a #golden #era … one where the brain will be the key to #mastering our health. Consciously it might not be, but most of us are subconsciously educated to make our dreams part of our happiness success equation.


Find your mind blueprint and make it work for you.


In Search of the Absolute Truth


Bindu Dadlani



Bindu Dadlani is a Power Coach with Conscience who unleashes unlimited potential to transform your goals into a unique magical reality. You can reach her at or follow her on Facebook / Facebook / Twitter / Twitter  / Instagram

Discover and Awaken the Hero within you.
Know what you want and go for it

Heart-Self steps

Walk forward with the gaze at your heart. Believe in your Self.

Camina hacia delante con la mirada en el corazón. Cree en tu interior.



Silent Reward

Believe in your potential with humble thoughts. Keep working silently. When you least expect you will reap your rewards.

Cree en tu potencial con pensamientos humildes. Sigue trabajando duro silenciosamente. Cuando menos te los esperes recogerás tus merecimientos.

Wishing you faith @bindupowercoach



Change your Fate by being You

Change Fate

Change your fate by being You

Change fate: How important is to love and accept ourselves? How “influential” is to be comfortable in our skin?

Bruce Kasanoff in his post “ How to be Ridiculously Likable ” gives us 3 keys to make progress in this matter, reminding us to “accept ourselves so that others can do the same”, pointing that we can “change our internal comfort level in order to be 100% comfortable in our own skin.”

We all have enough power within to change absolutely anything we desire. To me three elements are essential:

  1. Will power to persist – despite apparent discouragement 

  2. Patience to keep going – despite unexpected turn of events

  3. 100% Faith in your Vision – despite “unbelievers” 

In due time, all the parts will come to play, each in its own time providing incredible results. However, for all this to happen, “being 100% comfortable in your skin”, as Bruce Kasanoff points out is key:

“Hands down, there’s no more attractive quality than a person who is utterly comfortable with who they are.”

To this I would add that we can only be ourselves, when we start removing, deleting or eliminating the “negative” layers that cover our true essence. This new us may take a long time for some and even longer for others. However, getting hands-on working on our Inner Self is vital for us to be entirely comfortable with our skin.

In search of the Absolute Truth,

Bindu Dadlani

Change fate
Be 100% comfortable in your skin

Bindu Dadlani helps others be happy from within the internal structure of the heart. You can subscribe to her Power E-Newsletter or follow her on FacebookTwitter/ Google +


No matter what happens, BELIEVE you are taken date of. Keep open to new and creative ideas.

Permanece abierto a ideas nuevas y creativas. Pase lo que pase, CONFÍA en que alguien cuida de ti.

Wishing you an uplifting day @bindupowercoach



07-13-2014 Inner Trust

Give your 200%. Work hard and leave the rest. Believe in the invisible. You are protected @bindupowercoach

Da tu 200%. Trabaja duro y deja el resto. Cree en lo invisible. Estas protegido @bindupowercoach