Amy Cuddy hosts a workshop at the West Suburban YMCA, Newton Free Library in Boston, involving her passion and research on human presence

An evening with Amy Cuddy in Boston

An evening with Amy Cuddy in Boston As I wrap up this week, I am thrilled to have attended Amy Cuddy´s talk again, a professor and researcher of nonverbal behavior at the Harvard Business School, involving her passion and research on human presence. Amy Cuddy, whose popular TED talk about body language has over 29 million views online, hosted a workshop Read more about An evening with Amy Cuddy in Boston[…]

Self Managed Time

It is in silence where you listen to yourself best. Spend time with your self. Distractions are multiple. Remembering to keep focused is the real challenge. There is the real reward.  Es en el silencio donde mejor te escuchas. Pasa tiempo contigo. Las distracciones son múltiples. Mantener el enfoque es el desafío. Ahí esta la Read more about Self Managed Time[…]

Skillful Challenge

Be constantly challenging yourself in areas where you are forced to use your skills and intelligence. By doing something different, new and seemingly impossible you will trespass the bar of your limitations. Take care of who you surround yourself. Each person influences your personality in subtle ways. The mind is an artist that distracts you Read more about Skillful Challenge[…]

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