The Road Less Traveled

Podcast Video: “The Road Less Traveled”

Podcast Video: The Road Less Traveled The Road Less Travelled from Bindu Power Coaching on Vimeo. Poem The Road Less Traveled As I walk the road less traveled, I encounter “monsters” – they deny my direction. I try not to listen but they are stronger than me.  I turn back in their direction I fall, Read more about Podcast Video: “The Road Less Traveled”[…]

Faithful Steps 

Life is the accumulation of small choices. As you take one others open up. Act and have faith. Someone is always taking care of you. Even though things don’t go your way, trust the outcome. La vida es el cúmulo de pequeñas decisiones. Según tomas una se abren otras. Actúa y ten fe. Alguien siempre Read more about Faithful Steps […]

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