What are you creating, peace or pieces?

Peace or pieces

Most people do not have peace within themselves. Instead, they break their inner world with heart-closing thoughts. What could be a beautiful life is a puzzle with unknown pieces. Some men and women have even lost those pieces, and therefore their peace. Thus, their whereabouts are unknown to even their closest friends and family. These …

Know thyself during isolation

Know thyself during isolation

Use Covid-19 to know yourself. When we isolate ourselves, we might go through the challenge of not improving from where we left. However, if we use that same isolation to inquire within and go deep inside, we will find the stuff we did not know about ourselves. Therefore, find inspiration to spend time alone, especially outdoors, and …

My inner journey with Bindu after 10 Power Sessions

Power Sessions

Another truthful testimonial In today’s post, I share results from my client in Luxembourg, who has generously allowed me to publish his experience after ten power sessions. Although one session is enough to view an immediate change in our state of mind, those who resiliently work on an inner level and regularly do the homework …

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