How to advise without feeling rejected?

Connected Advice

Connected Advice Do not try to advise those who do not need your help. Let the person ask. That will be the moment. Keep connected, and everything will turn into "gold." Often, we think we "know" more than others and give our opinion. Furthermore, we impose our way of thinking. However, this type of approach not …

Mind|Brain Fit Health

Exercise your mind. It is your most powerful asset. Invest time planning and organizing. It will provide insight into your roadmap, map and compass. Then, let life create opportunities where it knows best. Ejercita tu mente. Es tu activo más poderoso. Invierte tiempo planificando y organizando. Te permitirá conocer mejor tu hoja de ruta, tu …

Compassionate heart

There is always someone in a worse condition than you. Be thankful. The less you are understood the more you understand yourself. Siempre hay alguien peor que tu. Da gracias. Cuanto menos te entienden más te comprendes. Wishing you a compassionate day @bindupowercoach

Heartfelt Compassion

Have compassion for less fortunate ones. Help them come out through ... Develop a compassionate heart by diminishing ego based thoughts. Ten compasión por los menos afortunados. Ayúdalos a salir ... Desarrolla un corazón compasivo disminuyendo pensamientos basados en ego. Wishing you a humble day @bindupowercoach