Reduce excess luggage. Act without fear.

Reduce excess luggage

  Reduce excess luggage. Act without fear. Our desires keep increasing with every passing day. They have no limits, no ending or turning point. We keep accumulating more and more until the point to forget our real mission on planet earth. These limitless desires are like poison in our brains, clogging and shredding the real light Read more about Reduce excess luggage[…]


What is your worth? Your confidence in yourself will benchmark your results. If you want to convince someone, convince yourself. Cual es tu valía? La confianza en ti mismo es el punto de referencia que mide tus resultados. Si quieres convencer a alguien, convéncete a ti mismo. @bindupowercoach #Boston      

Daily Thoughts Creation 

Living in fear weakens. Live in the faith and confidence that EVERYTHING is for your good. Years pass. Life goes on. Your thoughts create your destiny. Vivir en el miedo debilita. Vive en la fe y la confianza de que TODO es para tu bien. Los años pasan. La vida transcurre. Ahí donde pones tus Read more about Daily Thoughts Creation […]

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