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Nov 20

Coaching Leaders in Constant Change

Director of Executive Coaching and Leadership at Google, David B. Peterson, shared at the Harvard Coaching Conference, the importance of using diverse coaching skills as leaders:    “We are not prepared to learn effectively in a complex, constantly changing world”  David Peterson, Director of Executive Coaching and Leadership at Google   David explained the concept of Learning Agility (Mitchinson & Morris, …

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Nov 18

#Testimonial Asuncion Fagundo for Bindu Dadlani

Conozco a Bindu desde hace más de 10 años. La considero una gran profesional y sobre todo una buena persona.. Tuvo desde el principio una gran intuición para detectar mis problemas internos que provenían de mi infancia. Yo era una persona tímida, incapacitada para decir NO y que sin casi darme cuenta, atraía a mi vida personas …

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Jul 16


  I give my opinion and valuation directly to Bindu, whom I know personally and professionally. Her sessions are incredible and are certainly effective from the first session. They also have an impact in the medium and long term. Her personal qualities, reliability, nobility, depth, inner strength, sweetness and paused tone of voice, knowledge of …

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