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Feb 04

Stay loving, happy and cheerful

Stay loving, happy and cheerful and opportunities will come your way. Don’t force things to happen. Be yourself and you will attract the same. We often get angry at situations without a significant reason for it. We even blame others for our misfortunes without realizing that it is us and no one else creating that …

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Sep 12

Empowered Mind 

Discover and Awaken the Hero within you.

Dreams can become realities. Develop INNER POWER. Control your mind, impulses and emotions. Los sueños pueden hacerse realidad. Desarrolla PODER INTERNO. Controla tu mente, impulsos y emociones. Subscribe for your Power Message @bindupowercoach #canarias Related posts: 05-02-2014 Transformation Within Bindu Power Coaching helps you transform from the inside. However,… Uncluttered life  Learn to detach from …

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Aug 03

Managing Emotional Inteligence

Managing Emotional Intelligence   Do not look at what you lose. Be grateful for your gains. If you are about to negotiate and you would like a win-win situation focus on the problem and not on the person. Separate emotions from real facts and base yourself on the later. Gestionando Inteligencia Emocional No mires lo …

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Sep 15

09-15-2014 Guiding peaceful emotions

Make peace with your emotions. Allow yourself to be guided. Haz la paz con tus emociones. Permite que te guíen. @bindupowercoach Related posts: 05-22-2014 Charge your day Allow it to happen. Follow your heart. It will come… 06-08-2014 Peace Within Decrease anger – Increase peace. When in trouble look for… 07-14-2014 Release Attachments If the …

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