Will Power

Will Power 

Will Power Develop will power as you march forward towards your dreams. An idle mind with a stagnant body is the beginning of the end of our lives. Be vibrant as you encompass your passions within.     * Suscríbete a mi power newsletter *   Fuerza de voluntad Desarrolla fuerza de voluntad mientras avanzas Read more about Will Power […]

Wise answers on the way

Save energy – listen to your heart. Answers will come. Have patience. How hard is to surrender – yet how rewarding are its results. When we truly renounce and let go our will to allow the universe to take hold of our life, we enter into the realm of magical surprises. And if we add Read more about Wise answers on the way[…]

10-16-2014 Turning around

If you are in a negative mode, invest your time in making someone happy. Your energy will change. If you avoid those who love you, you might not be able to like those who hate you. Si estas en negativo, invierte tu tiempo en hacer feliz a alguien. Tu energía cambiará. Si rechazas a quien Read more about 10-16-2014 Turning around[…]

08-21-2014 Freedom for a moment

Vive lo bueno y pasa del resto; es pérdida de energía y tiempo. Disfruta del día a día y olvida las pequeñeces. Roban el momento @bindupowercoach Live in the positive and ignore the rest; it is sheer waste of time and energy. Enjoy the day to day and forget pettiness. They steal the moment @bindudadlani Read more about 08-21-2014 Freedom for a moment[…]

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