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Mar 20

Brain Potential

Get on a Power Run – maximize brain potential. Distractions are dangerous. Careful. Be focused on your objective. Brain Potential Maximization. We are constantly entangled in the desires of others and that of our mind. One way to bring a stop to the continuos inner chatter is with regular exercise – specially if it is cardiovascular. …

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Aug 13

Mind|Brain Fit Health

Exercise your mind. It is your most powerful asset. Invest time planning and organizing. It will provide insight into your roadmap, map and compass. Then, let life create opportunities where it knows best. Ejercita tu mente. Es tu activo más poderoso. Invierte tiempo planificando y organizando. Te permitirá conocer mejor tu hoja de ruta, tu …

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Jul 04


TESTIMONIAL #Workshop “Cutting the Ties that Bind“ #INDIA, from MAKARAND PANTOJI – #MEDICAL #STUDENT – FOR BINDU #POWER #COACHING I am medical student from the city of Mumbai. I was in Puttaparthi trying to figure out what I should be doing after my graduation and it was then that I met sister Bindu. When we …

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