How to reduce the impact of Coronavirus/COVID-19 in your mental health


The opportunity in our hands. The antidote to coronavirus. More than ever, technology has played it on us. We are invaded. In this post, I will share some coronavirus antidotes that will shield you from mental distress. Even though we live miles away, technology keeps us together. However, also for the "bad news", which is …


Work on your weaknesses before your strength is over. Come what may, have FAITH. All happens for your highest good. Trabaja en tus debilidades antes de que tu fuerza se agote. Venga lo que venga, ten FE. Todo lo que ocurre es para un bien mayor. Wishing you inner discipline @bindupowercoach      


Connect with your Inner Self. There you will find Peace. Do not put your faith in people or things. Put it in your Self. Conecta con tu interior. Ahí está la Paz. No pongas tu fe en las personas o las cosas. Ponla en tu Ser. Suscríbete a nuestro seminario online en este enlace: "El Cambio empieza …

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