Faithful Steps 

Life is the accumulation of small choices. As you take one others open up. Act and have faith. Someone is always taking care of you. Even though things don’t go your way, trust the outcome.
La vida es el cúmulo de pequeñas decisiones. Según tomas una se abren otras. Actúa y ten fe. Alguien siempre cuida de ti. Aunque las cosas no vayan a tu manera, confía en el resultado.

Wishing you complete trust in the unseen @bindupowercoach


Daily Thoughts Creation 

Living in fear weakens. Live in the faith and confidence that EVERYTHING is for your good. Years pass. Life goes on. Your thoughts create your destiny.
Vivir en el miedo debilita. Vive en la fe y la confianza de que TODO es para tu bien. Los años pasan. La vida transcurre. Ahí donde pones tus pensamientos creas tu destino.

Faithful Inner Joy

Allow the NEW to enter. Have faith no matter the struggle. Empower yourself with Gratitude. Say goodbye to the old and en-joy new approaches.

Permite entrar a lo NUEVO. Ten fe sea cual sea la dificultad. Empodérate con Gratitud. Di adiós a lo viejo y disfruta de nuevos caminos.
Wishing you a new life filled with authenticity @bindupowercoach



Work on your weaknesses before your strength is over. Come what may, have FAITH. All happens for your highest good.

Trabaja en tus debilidades antes de que tu fuerza se agote. Venga lo que venga, ten FE. Todo lo que ocurre es para un bien mayor.

Wishing you inner discipline @bindupowercoach  



Connect with your Inner Self. There you will find Peace. Do not put your faith in people or things. Put it in your Self.
Conecta con tu interior. Ahí está la Paz. No pongas tu fe en las personas o las cosas. Ponla en tu Ser.
Wishing you connected day @bindupowercoach


Change your Fate by being You

Change Fate

Change your fate by being You

Change fate: How important is to love and accept ourselves? How “influential” is to be comfortable in our skin?

Bruce Kasanoff in his post “ How to be Ridiculously Likable ” gives us 3 keys to make progress in this matter, reminding us to “accept ourselves so that others can do the same”, pointing that we can “change our internal comfort level in order to be 100% comfortable in our own skin.”

We all have enough power within to change absolutely anything we desire. To me three elements are essential:

  1. Will power to persist – despite apparent discouragement 

  2. Patience to keep going – despite unexpected turn of events

  3. 100% Faith in your Vision – despite “unbelievers” 

In due time, all the parts will come to play, each in its own time providing incredible results. However, for all this to happen, “being 100% comfortable in your skin”, as Bruce Kasanoff points out is key:

“Hands down, there’s no more attractive quality than a person who is utterly comfortable with who they are.”

To this I would add that we can only be ourselves, when we start removing, deleting or eliminating the “negative” layers that cover our true essence. This new us may take a long time for some and even longer for others. However, getting hands-on working on our Inner Self is vital for us to be entirely comfortable with our skin.

In search of the Absolute Truth,

Bindu Dadlani

Change fate
Be 100% comfortable in your skin

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Hard-Ship On Sea

It is in hardship where you know yourself best. Have faith even though you are not able to see the end of the tunnel.

Es en la dificultad donde mejor te conoces. Ten fe aunque no veas el final del túnel.

Wishing you a luminous day @bindupowercoach




Don’t worry about what has yet not happened. Strength, faith and Self-Confidence. Be happy. Enjoy. Life is a game. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

No te preocupes por lo que aún no ha ocurrido. Fuerza, Fe, Seguridad. Se feliz. Disfruta. La vida es un juego. No “sudes” por las cosas pequeñas.

Deseándote un día de soluciones fructíferas @bindupowercoach



10-14-2014 Faith Deposit

Don’t put your faith in the world – it is ever changing. Put your faith in your INNER SELF.

No pongas tu fe en el mundo – está siempre cambiante. Pon la fe en tu SER INTERNO.

Wishing you a wise day @bindupowercoach