Podcast Diving through distractions

Podcast Diving through distractions

Podcast Diving through distractions

Podcast Diving through Distractions:

Podcast Diving through Distractions: “Fix a goal and each day strive your best to attain it” – [love this quote that I found early during college years…].

The distractions we have in our life are taking away our free inspirational moments. Having a plain conversation is hard without been distracted by social media, messages, phone calls, etc. 

Distractions take away our life. We do not know when our life is going to end. We should live our dreams. We should take time to make our soul happy…Diving in deep waters where you are non-existent to others where you are absolutely free..

This podcast conveys a message for all those who find themselves distracted constantly. Entering the era of communications, distracts our lives from what is really important. All sorts of information bombards us. Finding focus within this big sea of attractions is many times hard. Some key pointers to coach ourselves when out of track; it will help define our chosen road to success.

If you want to know more about how to keep your goal in mind, despite the distractions, click here to read my blog post 3 ways to get to your dream without giving up half way through.

Podcast Diving through distractions
Podcast diving through distractions is a glimpse of the work Bindu Power Coaching achieves when working with someone´s mind. “Lost at sea”..death at our doorstep…we should live our dreams…We should make a point to fulfill it.


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Each deviation is lost time. Avoid distractions. Stay on track Bindu Power Coaching


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