Focused Mission 

Focused Mission


Never divert from your path. Not even a single moment. Remember your goal and continue believing. Naysayers will distract you only if you allow them. Live in silence while you love open-heartedly.

Cree en ti 

Nunca te desvíes de tu camino. Ni siquiera un solo momento. Recuerda tu meta y continúa creyendo. Aquellos que no creen en ti te distraerán sólo si se lo permites. Vive en silencio mientras amas con corazón abierto.

En la búsqueda del conocimiento supremo,




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In search of the absolute truth,



5 Rules to Money Management

If you want to make money follow five simple rules:

  1. Put a ceiling on your desires. Restrain from impulse buying. Instead, wait a day or two and really consider if you need it. Most often a mirage allures us. Every time you stop yourself from indulging in spending, write the amount down. You will be surprise how much you save at the end of each month. By the end of the year you will have saved enough for rightful spending. People often complain that they do not have enough money to spend in what they would love – it is because they are throwing away their income in what is unimportant.


  1. Try to save for many years. Each time you decide you want to spend remember that it is your mind enticing you to give yourself temporary pleasure. The permanent pleasure of not spending unnecessarily is far greater. You will feel on top of the world at the end of each year, knowing you have saved. Do not look at how much money you are collecting, just stop yourself from spending – in everything that is not needed. Watch out for your real needs. Give importance to what is really important.


  1. Try to be as self-sufficient as possible. Here is a great saving. Most often we delegate work to others, spending extra income to support our luxuries. However, if we create a new habit of doing our own chores we would not only be saving a great chunk of money, but we will also tend to stay healthier as our life will be full of activity and body fit habits. This in turn will keep our minds strong and our soul cleaner and lighter for new adventures. A key to youth.


  1. Do not get trapped into other people’s demands or desires. Most people have a hard time saying NO to the people that control them. They are incapable of following their own conscience because of fear. This is a great obstacle in their freedom. And, when it comes to money management, they are other people´s puppets– especially if the one that controls them is their spouse. Be strong and do not allow others to rule your money. Be in charge of it as you are in charge of your life.
  2. Keep a piggy box and add cash in it every day if possible. Think of it as another of your daily expenditures, but this one will be of savings – which can later be spent if needed. You will be surprised by the huge amount of savings it will generate.

Many people say they do not care about money. We all know that is not true. Living, eating, sending children to school, dining out, traveling, …all require money. So how can it not be important? Consciously it might not be, but we are all subconsciously educated to earn money since birth.

Find your money blueprint and make it work for you.

In Search of the Absolute Truth

Bindu Dadlani @bindupowercoach


Bindu Dadlani is a Power Coach with Conscience who unleashes unlimited potential to transform your goals into a unique magical reality. You can reach her at or follow her on Facebook / Facebook / Twitter / Twitter

Do not get trapped into other people’s demands or desires
Keep a piggy box and add cash in it every day if possible


Libertad en acción

Allow each person to develop themselves as they want. Do not control others actions. Let them be.

Permite a cada persona desarrollarse como desee. No controles las acciones de otros. Déjalos ser.

Wishing you freedom in action @bindupowercoach

05-28-2014 Freedom Trail

Take charge of your time. Come out of your “spider web”. Construct your bridge towards freedom @bindupowercoach #Boston

Toma riendas de tu tiempo. Sal de tu “tela de araña”. Construye tu puente hacia la libertad. Deseándote un feliz día @bindupowercoach #Boston



Phyllis Krystal Method in my Coaching Work

I thank Phyllis Krystal for providing us this knowledge that frees us from our little self and helps us expand to become beacons of light in our life and in those around us

Phyllis Krystal Method in my Coaching Work

Benefits of using her method

Phyllis Krystal Method
Bindu Dadlani and Phyllis Krystal

Phyllis Krystal Method in my Coaching Work

I met Phyllis Krystal in 1997 during my college years in Boston. She inspired me from day one with her practical approach to problems and simple diagnoses to causes. The method has been beneficial and efficient in transforming my heart, re-programming of old habits and belief systems, cutting the ties with people or situations that do not allow me to obey the dictates of my conscience, education in human values in children and management, and in achieving high-end client’s desired results.  Applying her Method in my Coaching Work combined with breakthrough mind power techniques discovered through over thirty years of research and travel, have been a unique professional adventure.


I have used the method professionally as part of my executive coaching and mentoring work, both face to face and on the phone. Most of my clients contact me by word of mouth, later becoming repeated customers due to the excellent results they get from day one. I have one to one, couples and group sessions. All have been a remarkable experience. I am aware that my work keeps getting fortunate and lucky as I integrate more and more Phyllis Krystal’s method.


I have conducted over 3000 sessions. Clients come out of the meeting relaxed, aware, stress-free; conscious of their situation and learning to rely on the High C as their only source of nourishment. For some, it is a rebirth, a real opportunity to go within and work on their subconscious mind. Most of the professionals I work with are lawyers, economists, dentists, doctors, people in business, entrepreneurs, high-level executives, and enterprises or companies that are longing to carry out Conscience in their management.


Looking more deeply, I see how my understanding and practice of her method has benefitted my clients. As I my inner growth continues, so does the results within my clients.

Some benefits of Using Phyllis Krystal´s Method are:


  • Happiness and peace from within

  • Better time management in the professional and personal field

  • Executives opening their often closed heart – listening within

  • Learning to connect with the High C in day-to-day living

  • Re-programming the subconscious mind

  • Achieving changes in old habits and belief systems

  • Loving and honoring oneself

  • Learning to say no

  • Implementing an attitude of surrender and equanimity

  • Focusing, concentrating; direction towards a goal!

  • Coming out of depression

  • Letting go of slipping tablets and living a healthier positive life

  • Uncluttered spaces and houses as a result of an uncluttered mind

  • Understanding of the situation through the “inner eye.”

  • Releasing old patterns

  • Removing anger, jealousy, envy and all kinds of negative thinking

  • Increasing net worths by 300% and up

  • A sense of freedom from external authority figures other than the Higher Consciousness

...and thousands more...:)


Some blogs inspired by Phyllis Krystal´s Method include:


I thank Phyllis Krystal for providing us this knowledge that frees us from our little self and helps us expand to become beacons of light in our lives and those around us.


Bindu Dadlani



Bindu Dadlani is an Executive, Success and Mindfulness Power Coach who unleashes unlimited potential to transform your goals into a unique magical reality.

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