Keep your goal in mind, despite the distractions

3 ways to get to your dream without giving up halfway through

Oftentimes we are highly motivated to take a dream to reality or just fulfilling a task that makes us or other people happy. We want to embark on what apparently seems exciting and new. Maintaining consistency is the hard part. Doing it every day until we achieve our goal is tedious and requires a lot of daily dedication and Read more about 3 ways to get to your dream without giving up halfway through[…]

Target Eye

Focus on your goal – not on the distractions of your way. Enjoy your walk while keeping the eye on the target. Enfócate en tu objetivo – no en las distracciones del camino. Disfruta de tu paseo mientras mantienes tu mirada en el objetivo. Wishing you focus @bindupowercoach Related posts: Self-Support Even if others don’t believe and Read more about Target Eye[…]


Even if others don’t believe and don’t support, follow your path. Get hold of your inner strength and walk towards your goal. Aunque no te entiendan y no te apoyen, sigue tu camino. Saca la fuerza de tu interior y camina hacia tu meta. Wishing you strength in your inner self @bindupowercoach Related posts: Re-SET Read more about Self-Support[…]

06-25-2014 INNER time

Be careful with the thief’s of time. They distract you from your goal. It is in silence that you will attain your answers @bindupowercoach #Boston #ProudtoBU Cuidado con los “ladrones” de tu tiempo. Te distraen de la meta. Es en el silencio donde obtienes tus respuestas @bindupowercoach #Boston #Proud2BU Related posts: Taller “Emprender sin miedo Read more about 06-25-2014 INNER time[…]

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