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Aug 14

Free Your Self

With each trip, one detachment. Be happy with what you have. Enjoy it and be thankful. Life is always giving. Value it. Cada viaje un desapego. Confórmate con lo que tienes. Disfrútalo y Agradece. La vida siempre te está dando. Valóralo.  Subscribe for your power message @bindupowercoach #Boston #Singapore       Related posts: Soul risk …

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Jul 20

Strong Mind Directives 

Anything can happen anytime. Are you ready? Put your mind & soul into something and don’t give up until you achieve it. Cualquier cosa puede ocurrir en cualquier momento. Estas preparada-o? Pon tu mente y tu alma en algo y no te rindas hasta que lo consigas.  @bindupowercoach #Boston #USA       Related posts: 08-10-2014 …

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Jul 14

Power Advice. From “Prison” to Freedom

Power Advice Power advice to Liberate yourself. How can you benefit from a Power Coaching Session with @bindupowercoach? You will re-program limiting beliefs that do not allow you to walk your chosen path to success You will start accomplishing dreams immediately after your first session You will see and experience hope to live the life of your …

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Jun 08

Success measures

Success arrives when you are truly happy from within. If you want to decide on something, check your gut feeling. El éxito llega cuando estas internamente feliz. Si quieres decidir sobre algo, comprueba tu corazonada, tu primera intuición. Wishing you inner clarity and truthful vision @bindupowercoach       Related posts: 05-02-2014 Transformation Within Bindu Power …

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Oct 16

10-16-2014 Turning around

If you are in a negative mode, invest your time in making someone happy. Your energy will change. If you avoid those who love you, you might not be able to like those who hate you. Si estas en negativo, invierte tu tiempo en hacer feliz a alguien. Tu energía cambiará. Si rechazas a quien …

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Jun 03

06-03-2014 Choose to be in a happy mood

It’s too short a life to be in a bad mood. Choose instead to be happy and grateful for everything. Life is about taking small steps @bindupowercoach #Boston Trata a la vida como un juego y no dudes por las cosas pequeñas. La vida es muy corta para estar de mal humor. En su lugar, …

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