A day with yourself

If the path gets rough, go for a walk. Contact with air will help you come back with better ideas. Si el camino se dificulta, sal a dar un paseo. El contacto con el aire te ayudará a volver con mejores ideas. Wishing you a beautiful walk with yourself @bindupowercoach Related posts: Silence the Subtle Read more about A day with yourself[…]

Silence the Subtle Ego

The ego presents itself in most subtle ways. It is our job to find it. While you search, silence is key. If others copy your ideas, your steps and your words do not be alarmed. Rejoice that you have a pioneer initiative and are able to make others follow you. El ego está presente de Read more about Silence the Subtle Ego[…]


No matter what happens, BELIEVE you are taken date of. Keep open to new and creative ideas. Permanece abierto a ideas nuevas y creativas. Pase lo que pase, CONFÍA en que alguien cuida de ti. Wishing you an uplifting day @bindupowercoach Related posts: 05-30-2014 Positive Thinking: a roadmap for success Watch out for the signs. Read more about Always BELIEVE[…]

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