A physical book in your hands that will guide your life

Living mindfulness

Living mindfulness "Living Mindfulness: 351 Mindful Steps for Wise Living" on Amazon by Mrs. Bindu Dadlani Paperback Book Release Living in Mindfulness   351  Messages to: -Uplift your soul -Awaken your conscience within -Help you heal the past -Liberate you from present bondage -Guide you in creating a brighter future “Your life is your message. Your message …

Become one with you and one with nature

Be present

BE Present [VERSIÓN ESPAÑOLA DEBAJO] Be Present with joy in your heart. Life is too short to waste it! We are living in an ever-increasing noisy, aggressive and unjust world.  The popular managerial acronym nowadays is called VUCA world - short for volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous. I referred to this term in my Harvard Coaching Conference …

How can we lead a life of happiness, security, and peace?

Reduce excess luggage. Act without fear.

Reduce excess luggage. Act without fear. Why is reducing excess luggage so vital in our life? Our desires keep increasing with every passing day. They have no limits, no ending or turning point. We keep accumulating more and more until the end to forget our real mission on planet earth. These limitless desires are like poison …

How to develop an inner habit of mindful living?

Humble Meditation Humble Meditation takes us into an inner habit of mindful living. The thought is a constant process. Its self-control is key to keep our inner stability. With the right mindset and inner resources, we can build the life of our dreams. Doses of daily practice help us choose our desired road. Most often it …

How can I empower my mind?

Empowered Mind Dreams can become realities. Develop INNER POWER. Control your mind, impulses, and emotions. Los sueños pueden hacerse realidad. Desarrolla PODER INTERNO. Controla tu mente, impulsos y emociones. Subscribe for your Power Message @bindupowercoach #canarias

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