Don´t force things to happen

Stay loving, happy and cheerful

Stay loving, happy and cheerful and opportunities will come your way. Don’t force things to happen. Be yourself and you will attract the same. We often get angry at situations without a significant reason for it. We even blame others for our misfortunes without realizing that it is us and no one else creating that Read more about Stay loving, happy and cheerful[…]

Faithful Inner Joy

Allow the NEW to enter. Have faith no matter the struggle. Empower yourself with Gratitude. Say goodbye to the old and en-joy new approaches. Permite entrar a lo NUEVO. Ten fe sea cual sea la dificultad. Empodérate con Gratitud. Di adiós a lo viejo y disfruta de nuevos caminos. Wishing you a new life filled Read more about Faithful Inner Joy[…]

06-13-2014 Full-time JOY

Receive each result with equal joy. A seemingly “bad” news might be the seed of a higher opportunity @bindupowercoach #Boston Recibe cada resultado con igual alegría. Una aparente “mala” noticia puede ser la semilla de una oportunidad mayor @bindupowercoach #Boston

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