Coaching Leaders in Turbulent Times: Dealing with Complexity, Chaos and Constant Change

Coaching Leaders in Constant Change

COACHING LEADERS IN CONSTANT CHANGE Director of Executive Coaching and Leadership at Google, David B. Peterson, shared at the Harvard Coaching Conference, the importance of using diverse coaching skills as leaders:    “We are not prepared to learn effectively in a complex, constantly changing world”  David Peterson, Director of Executive Coaching and Leadership at Google   David explained the Read more about Coaching Leaders in Constant Change[…]

Face Your Challenge

If you attract something you do not like, observe what you need to learn. Complaining is weak. Face the learning process with truth.  Si atraes algo que no te gusta, observa que necesitas aprender. Quejarte es de débiles. Afronta el aprendizaje con verdad.  Suscríbete para tu mensaje @bindupowercoach @bindudadlani      

Learning Investment Differentiation  

Learning Investment Differentiation Invest in learning. Apply what you learn. Be careful. What you think is your center could be your second comfort zone. Learn to differentiate. Invierte en aprender. Luego aplica lo que aprendes. Cuidado! Lo que igual crees que es tu centro, puede ser segunda zona de confort. Aprende a diferenciar. @bindupowercoach #Boston  Read more about Learning Investment Differentiation  […]

Unfolding Trust Within

Trust that all that happens is for your best. There is a higher plan unseen to our eyes. Forcing things to happen will only delay your learning process. Allow for the experience to unfold and say yes to the growth process. Confía en que todo lo que ocurre es para tu bien. Hay un plan superior Read more about Unfolding Trust Within[…]

Mindful Day

If you make a mistake: 1) keep calm 2) be grateful to learning something new 3) find a creative solution to the problem. Water the plant that lives within you. Si te equivocas: 1) mantén la calma 2) da las gracias de aprender algo nuevo 3) busca una solución creativa al problema. Riega la planta Read more about Mindful Day[…]

05-10-2014 Power Renovation

If you always grab the same places you do not learn anything new. Unclog your home. Clean environments. Renew your life. Have a great day 🙂 @ bindupowercoach Si coges siempre los mismos sitios no aprendes nada nuevo. Desatasca tu casa. Limpia entornos. Renueva tu vida. Deseándote un feliz día 🙂 @bindupowercoach

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