07-15-1014 Valórate

No esperes a que otros te amen o te valoren. Valora TU SER. Corta con apegos y miedos que te impiden vivir en libertad @bindupowercoach Don't wait for others to love or value you. Value YOUrSELF. Cut with attachments and fears that do not allow you to live in freedom @bindupowercoach

Love in Action | Amor en Acción

Transform yourself into love and love will knock on your door. Forgive and Forget. Have a peaceful day @bindupowercoach   Home   Transfórmate en amor y el amor tocará a tu puerta. Olvida y Perdona @bindupowercoach Read "How to live an enriching life". Also available on Amazon.


love frequency

What is the frequency of your unconditional love? We define most of our lives by the level of care we have for ourselves. The more we love ourselves, the higher the respect frequency coming from others. If what we receive is not unconditional love, we need to look within for low self-esteem patterns that do not allow us …

Open your heart to love

heart bypass

Heart bypass Phyllis Krystal,  in her book "Reconnecting the love energy" advices the importance of the heart bypass. She explains how most people block the feeling called Love in some way. And practicing acts of kindness is very much needed today. "Unexpected acts of kindness and consideration can have a much more far-reaching effect than …