eBook: The Inner Warrior

Inner Warrior

Book Release: "The Inner Warrior" Listen Within for Inner Guidance by Bindu Dadlani The book release, The Inner Warrior, will make you re-consider vital aspects of your life as you embrace uncertainty. The Inner Warrior is available for purchase on iBooks , Amazon and Bindu Shop. How many times have we wondered how? Can I? At the very moment of deciding, …

Become one with you and one with nature

Be present

BE Present [VERSIÓN ESPAÑOLA DEBAJO] Be Present with joy in your heart. Life is too short to waste it! We are living in an ever-increasing noisy, aggressive and unjust world.  The popular managerial acronym nowadays is called VUCA world - short for volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous. I referred to this term in my Harvard Coaching Conference …

How to control our mind from negative thinking

mind control

Mind Control THE WORLD YOU SEE IS THE PROJECTION OF YOURSELF Mind control is the first attribute we need if we want to develop concentration. Moreover, it helps keep our conscious mind positive. However, mastering the mind is not easy. Yet, it is the most critical skill we need to learn in this game of …