Harvard Coaching Conference

Harvard Coaching Conference

Harvard Coaching  Conference in Leadership and Healthcare 2015

8th Annual IOC Conference

September 24 VIP Reception – September 25-26 Two-day Conference

Harvard Coaching Conference at Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel

Bindu Dadlani @bindudadlani, Founding Fellow IOC at McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School affiliate and Bindu Power Coaching @bindupowercoach participates in the 8th Annual Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference offered by the Institute of CoachingMcLean Hospital, and Harvard Medical School.

It was an energizing and groundbreaking event featuring keynotes by world-renowned coaching leaders. Tracks in LeadershipHealth, and Well-BeingCoaching, Positive Psychology, Behavioral PsychologyNeuroscience, Advanced Practice, Learning, Inspiration, and Networking gave me a new perspective on how to apply and practice advanced coaching skills in leadership to enhance outcomes. “Harvard is home to the largest and most distinguished neuroscience enterprise in the world. The Future of Brain Science is Here, revealing the mysteries of the human brain”.

“In organizational leadership, executive coaches play a critical role in developing high-performing leaders who lead in a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous). In the healthcare industry, the treatment of lifestyle-related chronic diseases consumes 70% of healthcare costs, a growing human and economic crisis. Motivating and coaching patients to develop and sustain health-giving behaviors is a pressing application of science-based coaching competencies. Coaches serve well over a $2.0 billion dollar market annually. The keynotes and breakouts speak to recent developments in leadership coaching as well as the emerging coaching opportunities that can address the healthcare crisis of lifestyle-related chronic diseases”. All inspired deepest parts of my soul providing me with unique insights. However, at the Harvard Coaching Conference, 7 made an still more profound impact on my brain:

Amy Cuddy @amyjccuddy

Social psychologist and professor at Harvard Business School. Her keynote presentation, Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges, reminded me of what I applied almost instinctively when learning yoga during college years. Through her presentation, we learned “How our own body language affects how we feel about ourselves and behave towards others. Her research focuses on how adopting powerful postures (imagine Wonder Woman) changes people’s feelings, behaviors, and hormone levels, even impacting how well – or poorly — people perform in #stressful situations like job interviews. Her TED Talk on this topic is the second-most viewed of all time, at over 24 million views”.

Dr. Rudolph E. Tanzi, Ph.D.

 @RudyTanziis the Professor of Neurology at Harvard University, and Vice-Chair of Neurology and Director of the Genetics and Aging Research Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital. For over 30 years I have firmly believed in the possibility of changing our destiny, life or gene through incremental changes in self-awareness. I kept working on this belief changing my life first and then that of my clients, achieving transformational results worldwide. His lecture, What Can Alzheimer’s Teach Coaches About the Mind, Brain, and Self showed how the brain is capable of evolving and improving throughout a lifetime with the possibility of achieving a Super Brain. As he said often, “use your brain, don´t let your brain use you”– loved this one!

Gretchen Rubin

@gretchenrubin. Author of several books, including the blockbuster New York Times bestsellers, The Happiness Project and Happier at Home, and her forthcoming Better Than Before. Her lecture, Some Surprising Truths about Habits, focused on understanding ourselves and how we need the habits that will help us succeed. It reinforced my life-long practice of doing it until it felt second nature.

Michael W. Yeh

MD, FACS. Directs the UCLA Endocrine Surgical Unit. After pursuing his studies at Stanford University and Harvard Medical School, he trained in general surgery at UC San Francisco.  His presentation, Surgical Leadership Beyond the Operating Room, centered in merging action and awareness while achieving flow collectively as key to both successful and unsuccessful applications of a surgical leadership model within the larger context of healthcare organizations.

David B. Peterson

Ph.D., Director of Executive Coaching and Leadership at Google. His session, Coaching Leaders in Turbulent Times: Dealing with Complexity, Chaos, and Constant Change, explored “new research, theory and innovative ways that coaches can be more effective in helping leaders who are facing complex, unpredictable, and ever-changing business environments”. Tweeted 1) Do something that you have never done before 2) the best investment is building the capability within your #organization.

David Whyte

Poet & Associate Fellow, Said Business School, University of Oxford, took me on a deep journey to myself connecting with the poet that I was at age 14. Life at the Frontier: Leadership through Courageous Conversation, was a “compelling blend of poetry, humor, and insight, exploring the concept of conversational leadership and the courageous conversations necessary to create a more imaginative sense of what it means to occupy a leadership role…”

Alvaro Pascual-Leone

MD, Ph.D., is Professor of Neurology and an Associate Dean for Clinical and Translational Research at Harvard Medical School. His track: Promoting Brain Health: Characterizing and Guiding the Changing Brain Across the Lifespan, showed how new insights and developments in neuroscience suggests interventions to maintain cognitive function across the lifespan minimizing the risk of neurodegenerative disorders and dementia.

Throughout the Harvard Coaching Conference, I was able to hear scientifically what I have been studying and experiencing live in India, Japan, Singapur, Hong Kong and other eastern countries for over 30 years. Through new kinds of brain fit techniques, the body can achieve wellness and overall health.

I would like to thank #CoachConf2015 Directors & Sponsors for making this inspiring event possible: Carol Kauffman PhD @CarolKauffman PhD, ABPP, PCC, Margaret Moore MBA @coachmeg, Susan David, PhD @SusanDavid_PhD, Christopher Palmer, MD, Jeffrey Hull, PhD @Dr_Jeffrey_Hull, Laurel Smith Doggett, The Institute of Coaching @InstofCoaching, McLean Hospital @McLeanHospital & Harvard Medical School @harvardmed

Coaches from various fields including business and healthcare from as far away as Asia, South America, Australia and Europe were able to witness evidence-based coaching practices.

We are living in a golden era. One where the brain will be the key to mastering our health.

In Search of the Highest #Truth,

Bindu Dadlani @bindupowercoach

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New York Times Bestseller, “Super Brain” with Dr. Deepak Chopra. Dr. Tanzi also hosts the nationwide public television special, “Super Brain with Dr. Rudolph Tanzi” that explores new discoveries in neuroscience to maximize the potential of the human brain in practical and actionable ways.

Research on Brain performance is providing us with stunning examples of untapped potential brilliantly coming to life @RudyTanzi with @bindupowercoach  #CoachConf2015

New York Times Bestseller, “Super Brain” with Dr. Deepak Chopra. Dr. Tanzi also hosts the nationwide public television special, “Super Brain with Dr. Rudolph Tanzi” that explores new discoveries in neuroscience to maximize the potential of the human brain in practical and actionable ways
Rudolph E. Tanzi @RudyTanzi, Ph.D. Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School & Mass General Hospital. Co-author, NYT Best Seller Super Brain with Deepak Chopra with @bindudadlani @bindupowercoach #CoachConf2015
Surgical Leadership Beyond the Operating Room
Harvard Coaching Conference in Leadership and Healthcare #CoachConf2015 @bindudadlani @bindupowercoach with Dr. Michael W. Yeh #UCLA Endocrine Surgical Unit #CoachConf2015
Coaching Leaders in Turbulent Times: Dealing with Complexity, Chaos and Constant Change
World-Renowned Coaching Leader and Director of Executive Coaching and Leadership at Google David Peterson with Power Coach Bindu Dadlani #CoachConf2015

Workshop “Cutting the Ties that Bind” testimonial for Bindu Power Coach

Thanks a lot for helping me give myself this gift of spontaneity

Medical student Mumbai India


Medical student Mumbai India testimonial workshop “Cutting the Ties that Bind,” from Makarand Pantoji for Happiness Power Coach Bindu.

I am a medical student from the city of Mumbai. I was in Puttaparthi trying to figure out what I should be doing after my graduation, and it was then that I met sister Bindu. When we were taken through the corridor of doors exercise and asked to open one of the doors, I could see a massive dragon along with his army, but beyond them was a beautiful garden. I knew I have to fight these and reach that garden. The dragon reminded me of my compulsive behavior patterns.

For years I had been acting and making decisions based on these unhealthy patterns without even realizing. Sometimes I felt so helpless but never realized I need just to drop these patterns. However after completing the whole exercise I felt so much of power and conviction within me to let go of these compulsions and be spontaneous.

Thanks a lot for helping me give myself this gift of spontaneity.


Makarand Pantoji

Medical Student Mumbai India

12th June 2015

Participant in “Cutting the Ties” Workshop

[Group session – 9 people – 40 minutes]. India Andhra Pradesh Puttaparthi with @bindudadlani @bindupowercoach on Wednesday 20th & 22nd May 2015

All 9 participants received training in a joint group session where each saw their situation. Some mentioned that this work is equivalent to years of psychological counseling, as they were able to see the cause of issues that were bothering them for years. Others mentioned that the method goes deep into the subconscious detecting areas you never thought existed, fixing them and getting liberated from them. Some others commented how the session allowed them to be themselves instead of following the demands of their mind.

They were in a state of amazement upon the realization of seeing this technique very powerful. All had the opportunity to connect with their inner self. When coming out of the reverie, all their faces reflected the light within. Their minds were clear and at peace.


Medical student Mumbai India. Testimonio Taller “Cortando los lazos que atan”, de Makarand Pantoji, Estudiante de Medicina para Coach de la Felicidad Bindu.

Soy estudiante de medicina en la ciudad de Mumbai. Estaba en Puttaparthi tratando de averiguar lo que debería estar haciendo después de mi graduación y fue entonces cuando conocí a la hermana Bindu. Cuando nos llevó a través del ejercicio del pasillo de puertas y nos pidió abrir una, pude ver un enorme dragón junto con su ejército, pero más allá de ellos había un hermoso jardín. Yo sabía que tenia que luchar contra ellos y llegar a ese jardín. El dragón me recordó a mis patrones de comportamiento compulsivo.

Durante años actuaba y tomaba decisiones basados en estos patrones no saludables sin nisiquiera darme cuenta. A veces me sentía tan impotente, pero nunca me di cuenta de que solo tenía que soltar estos patrones. Pero después de completar todo el ejercicio me sentí con mucho poder y convicción dentro de mí para dejar de lado estas compulsiones y ser espontáneo.

Muchas gracias por darme a mí mismo este regalo de espontaneidad.

Con Amor,

Makarand Pantoji

Medical Student Mumbai India.

12 de Junio 2015

Participante en el Taller “Cortando los Lazos que Atan”

[Sesión grupal – 9 personas – 40 minutos] – India Andhra Pradesh Puttaparthi con @bindudadlani @bindupowercoach el miércoles 20 y 22 de Mayo del 2015

Los 9 participantes recibieron formación en una sesión de grupo conjunta donde cada uno vio su situación individual. Algunos mencionaron que este trabajo es equivalente a años de asesoramiento psicológico, ya que fueron capaces de ver la raíz de los problemas que les estaba molestando durante años. Otros mencionaron que el método se adentra en las zonas subconscientes detectando problemas que nunca pensaron que existían, arreglarlos y conseguir liberarse de ellos. Algunos otros comentaron cómo la sesión les permitió ser ellos mismos sin tener que seguir las exigencias de su mente.

Se encontraban en un estado de asombro ante la realización de ver que esta técnica es muy poderosa. Todos tuvieron la oportunidad de conectarse con su yo interior – a la salida de su ensoñación todas sus caras reflejaban luz. Sus mentes estaban despejadas y en paz.

En la búsqueda del Conocimiento supremo,

In Search of the Highest Truth,

Bindu Dadlani


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Medical student Mumbai India
“…After completing the whole exercise I felt so much of power and conviction within me to let go of these compulsions and be spontaneous…”