How can I fullfil​ my dream with enthusiam​?

Will Power

Will Power Develop will power as you march forward towards your dreams. An idle mind with a stagnant body is the beginning of the end of our lives. Be vibrant as you encompass your passions within. * Suscríbete a mi power newsletter * Fuerza de voluntad Desarrolla fuerza de voluntad mientras avanzas hacia tus sueños. …

A physical book in your hands that will guide your life

Living mindfulness

Living mindfulness "Living Mindfulness: 351 Mindful Steps for Wise Living" on Amazon by Mrs. Bindu Dadlani Paperback Book Release Living in Mindfulness   351  Messages to: -Uplift your soul -Awaken your conscience within -Help you heal the past -Liberate you from present bondage -Guide you in creating a brighter future “Your life is your message. Your message …

A guide in the form of a book: Living in Mindfulness. Messages from the Heart

Mindfulness Coaching

Mindfulness Coaching The book "Living in Mindfulness" has 351 mindful steps for wise living. They are messages from the heart. It is mindfulness healing towards a mindfulness coaching that awakens consciousness. Available on: Amazon KindleiBooksPaperback BookBook TrailerBindu´s online store 🙂 MESSAGES FROM THE HEART 351 power messages to uplift your soul, to awaken your conscience within: …

Flow into the uncertainty of life

Convierte el dolor en acciones de sabiduría

Flow Flow...Let pain guide your wisdom. Each second under this learning process is a transformation of the heart and the soul, so needed to walk forward and towards our goal. Déjate fluir....Convierte el dolor en acciones de sabiduría. Cada segundo bajo este aprendizaje es una transformación del corazón y del alma, necesaria para seguir avanzando y …

How can I make myself happy?

Today matters Tomorrow the sun will shine again and yesterday will be in the past. This is the only moment that truly matters. Live now. Mañana el sol volverá a salir y ayer será pasado. Este es el único momento que verdaderamente importa. Vive ahora. Wishing you an inner fulfilling day @bindupowercoach        Descárgate este eBook …


Todo sale de acuerdo al plan. Ten FE. Acepta las situaciones aunque de entrada parezcan difíciles. Siempre hay algo bueno detrás @bindudadlani Everything comes out according to a plan. Accept situations even though they might look difficult. There is always something good behind @bindupowercoach #mindfulness #boston #proud2BU #quote #BUalumni #BU #photography #love #emotional #intelligence #mashpics

Silent Witness


Equanimity Be a silent witness in joy and sorrow. Try to have equanimity in success and failure. Permanece como un observador en las alegrías y tristezas. Trata de tener ecuanimidad ante los éxitos y los fracasos. @bindupowercoach #Boston @BU Suscríbete a la Frase del Día de Bindu aquí.

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