He dejado atrás preocupaciones absurdas, personas absurdas problemas absurdos

Preocupaciones absurdas – dejado atrás

He dejado atrás preocupaciones absurdas, personas absurdas y problemas absurdos… [ENGLISH VERSIÓN BELOW] Todo surgió un día de playa con mi sobrina (verano 2016). Siempre nos vemos y hablamos mucho, normalmente de proyectos, de cómo hacernos un business, de lo  mucho que nos incomoda y molesta comentarios de gente … Esa tarde me nombró a Read more about Preocupaciones absurdas – dejado atrás[…]

Be Present

Present. Become one with Nature

Present. Become one with you and one with nature. We are living in an ever increasing noisy, aggressive and unjust world.  (The trendy managerial acronym nowadays call it VUCA world -short for volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous. I referred to this term in my Harvard Coaching Conference report: In organizational leadership, executive coaches play a critical role in developing Read more about Present. Become one with Nature[…]

Keep your goal in mind, despite the distractions

3 ways to get to your dream without giving up halfway through

Oftentimes we are highly motivated to take a dream to reality or just fulfilling a task that makes us or other people happy. We want to embark on what apparently seems exciting and new. Maintaining consistency is the hard part. Doing it every day until we achieve our goal is tedious and requires a lot of daily dedication and Read more about 3 ways to get to your dream without giving up halfway through[…]

Discover and Awaken the Hero within you.

3 ways to turn your Dream into Reality

Think and Dream big. As your mind, so your life and the results you build throughout your journey. Some of us were once told “you will never be able to, forget dreaming, it is impossible”. Even if that person represents an authority figure, never believe in negative afirmations. The truth is that none of it is Read more about 3 ways to turn your Dream into Reality[…]

Mind|Brain Fit Health

Exercise your mind. It is your most powerful asset. Invest time planning and organizing. It will provide insight into your roadmap, map and compass. Then, let life create opportunities where it knows best. Ejercita tu mente. Es tu activo más poderoso. Invierte tiempo planificando y organizando. Te permitirá conocer mejor tu hoja de ruta, tu Read more about Mind|Brain Fit Health[…]

Once you move past fear, you can become who you truly are. You can do almost anything you can imagine. You can accomplish more than most people dream of

Brain Expansion 

We are as limited as our minds are. Expand your mind. Enrich your life. Stop complaining – Work Inside to achieve optimum brain health. Somos tan limitados como lo es nuestra mente. Expande tu mente. Enriquece tu vida. Deja de quejarte – trabaja dentro de ti para alcanzar una salud mental óptima. Subscribe for your Read more about Brain Expansion […]

Train your Mind

Fight for the person who gives meaning to your life. Only those attached to truth triumph. Lies are the pit of mediocrity. Train your inner muscles for outer strength. Lucha por la persona que le da sentido a tu vida. Sólo aquellos apegados a la verdad, triunfan. La mentira es el pozo de los mediocres. Read more about Train your Mind[…]

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