Coaching with Conscience

Happiness Coach [VERSIÓN ESPAÑOLA AQUÍ] Innovation | Research | Education Who is Bindu Happiness Coach, what is her mission and her message Happiness Coach Bindu will share today some of her lifelong secrets towards Mindfulness Meditation, Executive Coaching, and Consciousness in the Workplace. Besides, Bindu creates customized solutions in real-time. For example, there is a great …

Desaparecen pesadillas en una niña de 6 años

Sanando Pesadillas Infantiles

Cómo Andrea logró eliminar de su vida las pesadillas sufridas durante años Sanando Pesadillas Infantiles [ENGLISH VERSION BELOW] Coach Bindu ha ido sanando pesadillas infantiles y adultas a lo largo de estos años. En este TESTIMONIO, la madre de Andrea nos cuenta los resultados de dos sesiones con Bindu. Así estuvimos dos años y algo …

Trusting Truth 

Trusting Truth Open your eyes to truth. Where there is truth, there is trust. Abre tus ojos a la verdad. Donde hay verdad, hay confianza. @bindupowercoach Suscríbete al Newsletter o descárgate sus libros.

Workshop “Cutting the Ties that Bind” testimonial

Thanks a lot for helping me give myself this gift of spontaneity

From a medical student in Mumbai, India [VERSIÓN ESPAÑOLA DEBAJO] Makarand Pantoji, a medical student from Mumbai, India, writes a testimonial for Bindu. Because he benefited enormously from participating in the workshop "Cutting the Ties that Bind," a Phyllis Krystal Method. I am a medical student from the city of Mumbai. I was in Puttaparthi trying to …

Results from a one-to-one session with Bindu

generating the change to start

Generating the change to start [VERSIÓN ESPAÑOLA DEBAJO] The following testimonial from A.A. is for Bindu Power Coaching after participating in a one-to-one session with Bindu. The meeting was liberating. Bindu generates the change to start within people worldwide. "My first encounter with Bindu was casual through an acquaintance. I was going through bad personal …

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