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Jun 27

Flowing Patience 

Compete only with yourself. Others are just a mirror. Have patience even when you think you have waited long enough. Allow your luck to flow. Patience even when different issues are unresolved. Everything will be fine and this will also stay in the past.  Compite únicamente contigo. Los demás son sólo un espejo. Ten paciencia …

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Feb 28

Mirror View

Ponte en el punto de vista de otras personas. No lo busques donde no lo encuentras. Put yourself in other person’s point of view. Don’t look for it where you can’t find it. @bindupowercoach No related posts.

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Dec 03

Love All

Love thy neighbor as thy truth mirror. Sing, dance and run while you are healthy. Ama al prójimo como espejo de tu verdad. Canta, baila y corre mientras tengas salud. Wishing you a healthy day @bindupowercoach No related posts.

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