How can we remain calm despite difficult circumstances?

Don´t force things to happen

Stay loving, happy and cheerful and opportunities will come your way. Don't force things to happen. Be yourself and you will attract the same. Stay loving. We often get angry at situations without a significant reason for it. We even blame others for our misfortunes without realizing that it is us. And no one else …

Watchful Steps

Cut with attachments that stop you from reaching new horizons. Beware of the opportunities that life gifts you. The train passes many times. Pay attention to the signs. Corta con apegos que te impiden caminar hacia nuevos horizontes. Aprovecha las oportunidades que la vida te da. El tren pasa por delante varias veces. Pon atención …


Resetea tu disco duro. Cada memoria que escribes es un apego más del que liberarte. Escribe experiencias y déjalas atrás. Cuanto a menos te agarres, más libre serás. Nuevas oportunidades tocarán a tu puerta. Nuevos horizontes cruzarán tu camino. Reset your hard drive. Each memory you write is an additional attachment you need to liberate …

Action miracles

When in a crossroads, make a decision. It will help tap into one life time opportunities. Better even, believe in miracles. Cuando en un cruce de caminos, toma una decisión. Te ayudará acceder a oportunidades de por vida. Mejor aún, cree en los milagros. Wishing you a successful day @bindupowercoach

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