Be You

Do not fear. BE PATIENT. Separate yourself from poisonous company. It blocks your way to freedom.  No tengas miedo. TEN PACIENCIA. Sepárate de compañía venenosa. Bloquea tu camino hacia la libertad.  Subscribe for your Power Message @bindupowercoach #Singapore @marinabaysands            Related posts: Libertad en acción Allow each person to develop themselves as Read more about Be You[…]

Wise answers on the way

Save energy – listen to your heart. Answers will come. Have patience. How hard is to surrender – yet how rewarding are its results. When we truly renounce and let go our will to allow the universe to take hold of our life, we enter into the realm of magical surprises. And if we add Read more about Wise answers on the way[…]

Patiently walking 

Learn as you make mistakes. Be patient. Everything will be fine. Cometiendo errores aprendes. Ten paciencia. Todo irá a su “sitio”. Wishing you inner patience – all are ingredients for inner learning @bindupowercoach       Related posts: Be Firm Ten firmeza. No permitas que nadie te desvíe de tu… Truthful Innovation  Learn and Grow. Create Read more about Patiently walking […]

Flowing Patience 

Compete only with yourself. Others are just a mirror. Have patience even when you think you have waited long enough. Allow your luck to flow. Patience even when different issues are unresolved. Everything will be fine and this will also stay in the past.  Compite únicamente contigo. Los demás son sólo un espejo. Ten paciencia Read more about Flowing Patience […]

09-28-2014 Patience Rewards

When things are not clear, let them rest. After some time everything gets easier. Patience. Cuando las cosas no estén claras, déjalas reposar. Después de un tiempo todo es más fácil. Paciencia. @bindudadlani Related posts: 08-30-2014 Re-Prográmate con paciencia Elimina tus malas cualidades y la suerte te acompañará. No…

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