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Inner Workings with Bindu

Inner Workings with Bindu

Testimonial Sharon Levy 

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Inner Workings with Bindu
Throughout this process, one feels that there is no judgment, there are no labels about good or bad; right or wrong – that the only important criteria for success is a sincere heart; a sincere desire to free ourselves from constraints and restraints that prevent one from living a fulfilled life.


Inner workings

At the time when I met Bindu in March 2016, my life at one level seemed one of success.  Yet at another level, I was acutely aware that I was not free from past patterns that continued to repeat themselves throughout my life.  I had reached a point of giving up.  I could recognize some of the patterns but felt there was no way out.  I knew that I didn’t wish to continue in the old “mode” of being, but didn’t know if another way was possible.  Until I met found myself sitting next to Bindu on the plane on route to Boston…this lead to me undertaking a series of sessions with Bindu…


In my view, Bindu’s process is analogous to peeling an onion.  What’s on the surface of the onion, the skin of the onion, is one’ personality or the way one presents oneself to the world.  Bindu would refer to this level as the indoctrinated self, the identity or ego molded by the circumstances and experiences of one’s life, by influences that others have had on one, by the beliefs that we have adopted.  These influences, together with one’s soul impulses, longings, and desires have molded and shaped who you have become and how you are in the world.


By careful observation, being so fastidious not to overlook any small detail, whether a gesture of the body or a slight shift of the eyes, Bindu watches over the process with hawk-like astuteness. In this way she allows the key influences and patterns of one’s life to present themselves in a space of honesty and trust.


Another image that comes to mind when I think of Bindu’s process is that of a midwife watching over a birthing process … a more gentle image … very respectful of the process itself; not wishing to drive it in any particular direction, but wanting it to unfold and present itself from within.  With each step of the process, when it becomes clear to her that something has presented itself that needs addressing, she enters into a dialogue with one to offer insights into what is presenting itself.  But more importantly, she allows one the space to come to one’s own understanding.  So this process progresses from insight to insight – each insight opens a door to another deeper insight.


Then, to return to the earlier analogy of an onion, as these layers are slowly removed, one comes close to one’s own essence and to understand what one’s soul is seeking to learn, and how the soul sought in this particular life to learn certain lessons.  These lessons become self-evident through the process.  One cannot help admire the beautifully crafted lessons as they show themselves and the extraordinary precision and attention to detail and how throughout one’s life, we are guided to repeat certain experiences until the realization begins to the dawn of what that lesson was all about.  


By freeing oneself from those“ ties that bind”, those entanglements that prevent one from expressing one’s fullest potential and which obscure one’s true nature, is now set free to realize the unconditional love that flows through all things. The deepest yearning of the soul is to know and allow this love to flow through our lives.  One begins to realize through this process how when one has deviated from one’s true path or created an imbalance, this has affected one’s life and relationships and choices.  Recongnizing this becomes the key to releasing past patterns, behaviors, and relationships that have prevented one from receiving and expressing this unconditional love.


Bindu’s work is much more than that of a psychologist because it is deeply spiritual in the sense that it is not simply seeking to discuss behavior and behavior patterns but to actually set one’s soul free and express the unconditional love that permeates all things.  Her loving presence enables this to occur naturally and effortlessly.  This work would not be possible if she herself had not plummeted the depths of her own being.  So she is able to point the way from her own experience and her own truth; and with great courage and conviction that love will win out – that ultimately all of us wish for our souls to be set unconditionally free and that when the time is right in our soul’s evolution, the circumstances of our lives will present the opportunity for this to occur.


Throughout this process one feels that there is no judgment, there are no labels about good or bad; right or wrong – that the only important criteria for success is a sincere heart; a sincere desire to free ourselves from constraints and restraints that prevent one from living a fulfilled life. In this way, the one feels held and supported regardless of what emerges, of what comes to light:  those things are not important.  What is important is what lies beyond them once the obstacles have been removed.


My experience with Bindu’s therapy has affirmed that there are rare souls, such as Bindu, on the earth who truly love and who are able to perform an extraordinary service to humanity.  In that sense, we are not alone in our yearnings and desires for a better life and a better world.


There is, however, a caveat in my testimonial.   If you think you can play with this inner work with Bindu and continue with the old patterns as before, you are mistaken.  Bindu’s therapy rearranges one’s hard-drive ensuring that deep-seated patterns are rearranged according to your own innate blueprint.  


What is no longer appropriate and has in some way of prohibited one from being an authentic human being is likely to fall away.  The therapy needs to be undertaken with honesty and a total commitment to the process, recognising that one’s life and modus operandi will significantly and irreversibly shift:  cutting the ties that bind one to past patterns that entrap one, as well as sowing seeds of new intentions, aligned to one’s inner truth, that will inexorably take root in the future.

Sharon Levy, April 2016

Cape Town, South Africa


Inner Workings with Bindu
Bindu’s work is much more than that of a psychologist because it is deeply spiritual in the sense that it is not simply seeking to address behavior and behavior patterns but to actually set one’s soul free to be and express the unconditional love that permeates all things.






Trabajos Internos con Bindu

Testimonio Sharon Levy


Cuando me encontré con Bindu en marzo del 2016, mi vida se encontraba en un nivel que parecía ser de éxito. Sin embargo, a otro nivel estaba siendo muy consciente de que no estaba libre de los patrones del pasado que continuaban repitiéndose a lo largo de mi vida. Había llegado a un punto de darme por vencida. Podía reconocer algunos de los patrones, pero sentía que no había manera de salir. Sabía que no quería continuar en el antiguo modo de ser, pero no sabía si otra forma era posible. Hasta que me encontré sentada al lado de Bindu en el avión con ruta a Boston … esto me llevó a realizar una serie de sesiones con Bindu…


En mi opinión, el proceso de Bindu es análogo a pelar una cebolla. Lo que hay en la superficie de la cebolla, la piel de la cebolla, es la personalidad de uno o la forma en que uno se presenta a sí mismo al mundo. Bindu se referiría a este nivel como el ser auto-adoctrinado, la identidad o ego que ha sido moldeada por las circunstancias y experiencias de la vida de uno, por las influencias que otros han tenido en uno, por las creencias que han sido adoptadas por uno. Estas influencias, junto con los impulsos de nuestra alma, anhelos y deseos nos han moldeado y formado en quien somos y cómo estamos en el mundo.


Mediante una observación cuidadosa, al ser tan exigente de no pasar por alto ningún pequeño detalle, ya sea un gesto del cuerpo o un ligero desplazamiento de los ojos, Bindu vigila el proceso con la astucia de un halcón. De esta manera permite que las influencias claves y los patrones de la vida de uno se presenten en un espacio de honestidad y confianza.


Otra imagen que me viene a la mente cuando pienso en el proceso de Bindu es el de una comadrona velando por un proceso de parto … una imagen más suave … muy respetuosa con el proceso en sí; no deseando conducirlo en alguna dirección en particular, sino queriendo que se despliegue y se presente por si mismo desde adentro. Con cada paso del proceso, cuando se le hace evidente a ella que algo se ha presentado que debe ser abordado, entra en un diálogo con uno para ofrecer una visión de lo que se está presentando. Pero lo más importante es que ella permite el espacio para llegar a la propia comprensión. Por lo que este proceso avanza del conocimiento a la comprensión – cada visión abre una puerta a otra visión más profunda.


Entonces, volviendo a la analogía anterior de una cebolla, cuando estas capas se van eliminando lentamente, uno se acerca a la propia esencia y para poder entender lo que el alma está tratando de aprender, y cómo el alma ha buscado en esta vida en concreto aprender ciertas lecciones. Estas lecciones se vuelven evidentes por sí mismas a través del proceso. Uno no puede evitar admirar las lecciones maravillosamente hechas a mano mientras se revelan y la extraordinaria precisión y atención al detalle y cómo a lo largo de nuestra vida, uno es guiado a repetir ciertas experiencias hasta que su realización comienza a esclarecer de lo que la lección se trata.


Liberándonos de esos “lazos que atan”, esos enredos que nos impiden expresar nuestro potencial completo y que oscurece la verdadera naturaleza de uno, uno se siente libre de darse cuenta del amor incondicional que fluye a través de todas las cosas. El anhelo más profundo del alma es conocer y permitir que este amor fluya a través de nuestras vidas. Uno empieza a darse cuenta a través de este proceso como cuando uno se desvía de su verdadero camino o creado un desequilibrio, esto ha impactado la vida de uno, las relaciones y las decisiones. El reconocimiento de esto se convierte en la clave para la liberación de los patrones del pasado, comportamientos y relaciones que han prevenido de recibir y expresar este amor incondicional.


El trabajo de Bindu es mucho más que la de un psicólogo porque es profundamente espiritual en el sentido de que no sólo pretende abordar el comportamiento y los patrones de conducta, sino realmente poder liberar al alma para ser y expresar el amor incondicional que impregna todas las cosas. Su presencia amorosa permite que esto ocurra de forma natural y sin esfuerzo. Este trabajo no sería posible si ella misma no hubiese caído en picado en las profundidades de su propio ser. Así que ella es capaz de señalar el camino de su propia experiencia y su propia verdad; y con gran valor y convicción de que el amor gana – que en última instancia todos deseamos para nuestras almas que sean incondicionalmente libres y que cuando sea el momento adecuado en la evolución de nuestra alma, las circunstancias de nuestras vidas nos presente la oportunidad para que esto ocurra.


A lo largo de este proceso uno siente que no hay juicio, no hay etiquetas relativas a lo bueno o lo malo; lo correcto o lo incorrecto – que los únicos criterios importantes para el éxito es un corazón sincero; un sincero deseo de estar simplemente libre de esas limitaciones y restricciones que le impiden a uno vivir una vida plena. De esta forma, uno se siente seguro y apoyado con independencia de lo que emerja, de lo que salga a la luz: esas cosas no son importantes. Lo que es importante es lo que está más allá de ellos una vez que los obstáculos se han eliminado.


Mi experiencia con la terapia de Bindu ha afirmado que hay almas raras, como Bindu, sobre la tierra que verdaderamente aman y que son capaces de realizar un servicio extraordinario para la humanidad. En ese sentido no estamos solos en nuestros anhelos y deseos de una vida mejor y un mundo mejor.


Hay, sin embargo, una advertencia en mi testimonio. Si usted piensa que puede jugar con este trabajo interior con Bindu y continuar con los viejos patrones como antes, está equivocado. La terapia de Bindu reorganiza nuestra unidad de disco duro asegurando que los patrones profundamente asentados se reordenen de acuerdo a su propio programa innato.


Lo que ya no es apropiado y de alguna forma le ha prohibido a uno de ser un auténtico ser humano es probable que desaparezca. La terapia debe llevarse a cabo con honestidad y un compromiso total con el proceso, reconociendo que la vida de uno y el “modus operandi” tendrá un cambio significativo e irreversible: cortando los lazos que le atan a uno de los patrones del pasado y que le atrapan a uno, así como sembrar semillas de nuevas intenciones , alineado con la verdad interior de uno, inexorablemente echará raíces en el futuro.


Sharon Levy, Abril 2016

Ciudad del Cabo, Sudáfrica

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Thanks a lot for helping me give myself this gift of spontaneity


I am medical student from the city of Mumbai. I was in Puttaparthi trying to figure out what I should be doing after my graduation and it was then that I met sister Bindu. When we were taken through the corridor of doors exercise and asked to open one of the doors, I could see a huge dragon along with his army, but beyond them was a beautiful garden. I knew I have to fight these and reach that garden. The dragon reminded me of my compulsive behavior patterns. For years I had being acting and taking decisions based on these unhealthy patterns without even realizing. Sometimes I felt so helpless but never realized I need to just drop these patterns. However after completing the whole exercise I felt so much of power and conviction within me to let go of these compulsions and be spontaneous.

Thanks a lot for helping me give myself this gift of spontaneity.


Makarand Pantoji

Medical Student – Mumbai, India

12th June 2015


Participant in “Cutting the Ties” Workshop [Group session – 9 people – 40 minutes] – #India #Andhra Pradesh #Puttaparthi with @bindudadlani @bindupowercoach on Wednesday 20th & 22nd May 2015


All 9 participants received training in a joint group session where each saw their individual situation. Some mentioned that this work is equivalent to years for psychology counseling, as they were able to see the root cause of issues that was bothering them for years. Others mentioned that the method goes deep into the subconscious detecting areas you never thought existed, fixing them and getting liberated from them. Some others commented how the session allowed them to be themselves instead of following the demands of their mind. They were in a state of amazement upon the realization of seeing this technique very powerful. All had the opportunity to connect to their inner self. When coming out of the reverie all their faces reflected the light within. Their minds were clear and at peace.



Soy estudiante de medicina en la ciudad de Mumbai. Estaba en Puttaparthi tratando de averiguar lo que debería estar haciendo después de mi graduación y fue entonces cuando conocí a la hermana Bindu. Cuando nos llevó a través del ejercicio del pasillo de puertas y nos pidió abrir una, pude ver un enorme dragón junto con su ejército, pero más allá de ellos había un hermoso jardín. Yo sabía que tenia que luchar contra ellos y llegar a ese jardín. El dragón me recordó a mis patrones de comportamiento compulsivo. Durante años actuaba y tomaba decisiones basados en estos patrones no saludables sin nisiquiera darme cuenta. A veces me sentía tan impotente, pero nunca me di cuenta de que solo tenía que soltar estos patrones. Pero después de completar todo el ejercicio me sentí con mucho poder y convicción dentro de mí para dejar de lado estas compulsiones y ser espontáneo.

Muchas gracias por darme a mí mismo este regalo de espontaneidad.

Con Amor,

Makarand Pantoji

Medical Student – Mumbai, India.

12 de Junio 2015


Participante en el Taller “Cortando los Lazos que Atan” [Sesión grupal – 9 personas – 40 minutos] – #India #Andhra Pradesh #Puttaparthi con @bindudadlani @bindupowercoach el miércoles 20 y 22 de Mayo del 2015 


Los 9 participantes recibieron formación en una sesión de grupo conjunta donde cada uno vio su situación individual. Algunos mencionaron que este trabajo es equivalente a años de asesoramiento psicológico, ya que fueron capaces de ver la raíz de los problemas que les estaba molestando durante años. Otros mencionaron que el método se adentra en las zonas subconscientes detectando problemas que nunca pensaron que existían, arreglarlos y conseguir liberarse de ellos. Algunos otros comentaron cómo la sesión les permitió ser ellos mismos sin tener que seguir las exigencias de su mente. Se encontraban en un estado de asombro ante la realización de ver que esta técnica es muy poderosa. Todos tuvieron la oportunidad de conectarse con su yo interior – a la salida de su ensoñación todas sus caras reflejaban luz. Sus mentes estaban despejadas y en paz.


En la búsqueda del conocimiento supremo,

In Search of the Highest Truth,

Bindu Dadlani



Thanks a lot for helping me give myself this gift of spontaneity
“…After completing the whole exercise I felt so much of power and conviction within me to let go of these compulsions and be spontaneous…”

Phyllis Krystal Method in my Coaching Work

I thank Phyllis Krystal for providing us this knowledge that frees us from our little self and helps us expand to become beacons of light in our life and in those around us

Phyllis Krystal Method in my Coaching Work

Benefits of using her method

Phyllis Krystal Method
Bindu Dadlani and Phyllis Krystal

Phyllis Krystal Method in my Coaching Work

I met Phyllis Krystal in 1997 during my college years in Boston. She inspired me from day one with her practical approach to problems and simple diagnoses to causes. The method has been beneficial and efficient in transforming my heart, re-programming of old habits and belief systems, cutting the ties with people or situations that do not allow me to obey the dictates of my conscience, education in human values in children and management, and in achieving high-end client’s desired results.  Applying her Method in my Coaching Work combined with breakthrough mind power techniques discovered through over thirty years of research and travel, have been a unique professional adventure.


I have used the method professionally as part of my executive coaching and mentoring work, both face to face and on the phone. Most of my clients contact me by word of mouth, later becoming repeated customers due to the excellent results they get from day one. I have one to one, couples and group sessions. All have been a remarkable experience. I am aware that my work keeps getting fortunate and lucky as I integrate more and more Phyllis Krystal’s method.


I have conducted over 3000 sessions. Clients come out of the meeting relaxed, aware, stress-free; conscious of their situation and learning to rely on the High C as their only source of nourishment. For some, it is a rebirth, a real opportunity to go within and work on their subconscious mind. Most of the professionals I work with are lawyers, economists, dentists, doctors, people in business, entrepreneurs, high-level executives, and enterprises or companies that are longing to carry out Conscience in their management.


Looking more deeply, I see how my understanding and practice of her method has benefitted my clients. As I my inner growth continues, so does the results within my clients.

Some benefits of Using Phyllis Krystal´s Method are:


  • Happiness and peace from within

  • Better time management in the professional and personal field

  • Executives opening their often closed heart – listening within

  • Learning to connect with the High C in day-to-day living

  • Re-programming the subconscious mind

  • Achieving changes in old habits and belief systems

  • Loving and honoring oneself

  • Learning to say no

  • Implementing an attitude of surrender and equanimity

  • Focusing, concentrating; direction towards a goal!

  • Coming out of depression

  • Letting go of slipping tablets and living a healthier positive life

  • Uncluttered spaces and houses as a result of an uncluttered mind

  • Understanding of the situation through the “inner eye.”

  • Releasing old patterns

  • Removing anger, jealousy, envy and all kinds of negative thinking

  • Increasing net worths by 300% and up

  • A sense of freedom from external authority figures other than the Higher Consciousness

...and thousands more...:)


Some blogs inspired by Phyllis Krystal´s Method include:


I thank Phyllis Krystal for providing us this knowledge that frees us from our little self and helps us expand to become beacons of light in our lives and those around us.


Bindu Dadlani



Bindu Dadlani is an Executive, Success and Mindfulness Power Coach who unleashes unlimited potential to transform your goals into a unique magical reality.

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