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Jul 04


TESTIMONIAL #Workshop “Cutting the Ties that Bind“ #INDIA, from MAKARAND PANTOJI – #MEDICAL #STUDENT – FOR BINDU #POWER #COACHING I am medical student from the city of Mumbai. I was in Puttaparthi trying to figure out what I should be doing after my graduation and it was then that I met sister Bindu. When we …

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Mar 30

Benefits of using Phyllis Krystal´s Method in my Coaching Work

I met Phyllis Krystal in 1997 during my college years in Boston. She inspired me from day one with her practical approach to problems and simple diagnoses to root causes. The method has proven to be very effective and efficient in the transformation of my heart, re-programming of old habits and belief systems, cutting the …

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Sep 11

Taking Responsibility or creating “Excess Luggage”?

  Many of us spend our lives bowed down under heavy burdens that are like weighty backpacks. We rationalize this tendency and call it “taking responsability”. But the world-renowed avatar & universal human value teacher who lived in India, Sathya Sai Baba and psychotherapist, Phyllis Krystal, when using her method “Cutting the ties that bind”, …

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Sep 08

Heart By-Pass

  Phyllis Krystal,  in her book “Reconnecting the love energy” defines the importance of the Heart by-pass, indicating that the feeling called Love is blocked in some way in most people. “Unexpected acts of kindness and consideration can have a much more far-reaching effect than we could imagine”. She advises to check our behavior and …

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