Unfolding Trust Within

Trust that all that happens is for your best. There is a higher plan unseen to our eyes. Forcing things to happen will only delay your learning process. Allow for the experience to unfold and say yes to the growth process.

Confía en que todo lo que ocurre es para tu bien. Hay un plan superior no visto por nuestros ojos. Forzar a que sucedan las cosas solo retrasa tu proceso de aprendizaje. Permite que la experiencia se de y di si al proceso de crecimiento.

Wishing you trust within @bindupowercoach 


08-25-2014 HIGHER Plan

Todo sale de acuerdo al plan. Ten FE. Acepta las situaciones aunque de entrada parezcan difíciles. Siempre hay algo bueno detrás @bindudadlani

Everything comes out according to a plan. Accept situations even though they might look difficult. There is always something good behind @bindupowercoach

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07-01-2014 Be Careful

Do not allow anyone to break your dreams. Do not talk about your plan until it has matured within you @bindupowercoach #Boston #Proud2BU

No permitas que nadie arrebate tu sueño. No hables de tu plan hasta haberlo madurado @bindupowercoach #Boston #Proud2BU