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eBook Living in Mindfulness

Living in Mindfulness: 351 Mindful Steps for Wise Living (Messages from the Heart) (English Edition) Kindle Version  eBook from Bindu Dadlani Living in Mindfulness Book Trailer from Bindu Power Coaching on Vimeo. MESSAGES FROM THE HEART CONNECT TO YOUR INNER SELF FOR DIVINE GRACE eBook Living in Mindfulness: 351 power messages to uplift your soul, to awaken Read more about eBook Living in Mindfulness[…]

Be Present

Present. Become one with Nature

Present. Become one with you and one with nature. We are living in an ever increasing noisy, aggressive and unjust world.  (The trendy managerial acronym nowadays call it VUCA world -short for volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous. I referred to this term in my Harvard Coaching Conference report: In organizational leadership, executive coaches play a critical role in developing Read more about Present. Become one with Nature[…]

Coaching Leaders in Turbulent Times: Dealing with Complexity, Chaos and Constant Change

Coaching Leaders in Constant Change

COACHING LEADERS IN CONSTANT CHANGE Director of Executive Coaching and Leadership at Google, David B. Peterson, shared at the Harvard Coaching Conference, the importance of using diverse coaching skills as leaders:    “We are not prepared to learn effectively in a complex, constantly changing world”  David Peterson, Director of Executive Coaching and Leadership at Google   David explained the Read more about Coaching Leaders in Constant Change[…]

Move On

Las experiencias se repiten una y otra vez hasta que dejan de ocurrir y salen de tu vida. Disfruta del presente. No sabes cuando será la última vez que lo tengas…prepárate para decir adiós mientras le das la bienvenida a lo nuevo. Deja pasar el tiempo. Lo verás todo más claro. The experiences are repeated Read more about Move On[…]

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