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Mar 27

Testimonial Maria Perez Ramos Lawyer

TESTIMONIAL MARÍA PÉREZ RAMOS  Lawyer for Power Coach BINDU DADLANI   Advances/Progress Thanks to Bindu Power Coaching Physical   Sickness problems, difficulties to digest, etc., have disappeared. Irritable bowel syndrome, has disappeared. Skin problems, including rashes, have disappeared. Stress, anxiety, distress, etc., have disappeared. Myopia reduction.       2.  Professional   Increase of incomes. …

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Dec 03

3 ways to get to your dream without giving up halfway through

Oftentimes we are highly motivated to take a dream to reality or just fulfilling a task that makes us or other people happy. We want to embark on what apparently seems exciting and new. Maintaining consistency is the hard part. Doing it every day until we achieve our goal is tedious and requires a lot of daily dedication and …

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Oct 08

3 ways to turn your Dream into Reality

Think and Dream big. As your mind, so your life and the results you build throughout your journey. Some of us were once told “you will never be able to, forget dreaming, it is impossible”. Even if that person represents an authority figure, never believe in negative afirmations. The truth is that none of it is …

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Oct 07

10-07-2014 Enjoy while Waiting

Everyone will respect and love you in the measure that you love yourself. Have patience while waiting for your dream to become a reality. Todos te respetarán y amarán en la medida en que tu te ames. Ten paciencia mientras esperas a tu sueño hacerse realidad. Wishing you an excellent day 🙂 @bindupowercoach Related posts: …

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