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Oct 08

3 ways to turn your Dream into Reality

Think and Dream big. As your mind, so your life and the results you build throughout your journey. Some of us were once told “you will never be able to, forget dreaming, it is impossible”. Even if that person represents an authority figure, never believe in negative afirmations. The truth is that none of it is …

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Jul 23


What is your worth? Your confidence in yourself will benchmark your results. If you want to convince someone, convince yourself. Cual es tu valía? La confianza en ti mismo es el punto de referencia que mide tus resultados. Si quieres convencer a alguien, convéncete a ti mismo. @bindupowercoach #Boston       Related posts: Anger Inner …

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Jun 19

Rewarding Job

Work with passion without expecting results. Be righteous. Life rewards the sincerity behind the act. Trabaja con pasión sin esperar resultados. Cumple de forma correcta. La vida premia la sinceridad detrás del acto. Wishing you hard inner genuine work @bindupowercoach      Related posts: Silent Reward Believe in your potential with humble thoughts. Keep working silently…. …

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Feb 10


When in doubt, follow your heart. Surrender your acts and the results will protect you. Cuando en duda, sigue a tu corazón. Entrega tus actos y los resultados te protegerán. Free daily power post with power newsletter subscription at Bindu Power Coaching With love to all subscribers @bindupowercoach   Related posts: Delivery Haz lo que …

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Oct 31

11-01-2014 Key drivers to success

Dear Subscribers, If you worry about tomorrow, you cannot enjoy today. Center your mindset for optimum results. Factores claves para el éxito: Si estas preocupado por mañana, no disfrutas de hoy. Centra tu mente para obtener resultados óptimos. Thank you for your continuous support. Wishing you good and strong health @bindupowercoach Related posts: 08-20-2014 Mind-Body …

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Aug 20

08-20-2014 Mind-Body Best Results

The best is yet to come. Cook with love and the energy will rise @bindudadlani Lo mejor está por venir. Cocina con amor y la energía se elevará @bindupowercoach #mindfulness #boston #proud2BU #quote Related posts: Heart By-Pass   Phyllis Krystal,  in her book “Reconnecting the love energy”… 06-30-2014 Healthy Mind If your health fails, check …

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