Taking responsibility

Taking Responsibility or creating “Excess Luggage”?

Taking responsibility or creating “excess luggage”? Many of us spend our lives bowed down under heavy burdens that are like weighty backpacks. We rationalize this tendency and call it “taking responsibility.” But the world-renowned avatar & universal human value teacher who lived in India, Sathya Sai Baba and psychotherapist, Phyllis Krystal, when using her method Read more about Taking Responsibility or creating “Excess Luggage”?[…]


  “Cuando el aire llena una pelota, tomará la forma de una pelota. Cuando llena un globo, tomará la forma del globo, ya sea ovalada, alargada, esférica o esferoidal. La mente asume la forma de los objetos a los que se apega”. Sathya Sai Baba Para cambiar un hábito, antes tenemos que cambiar nuestras acciones, Read more about COACHING: GESTIÓN DE LA MENTE[…]

As we perform actions in consonance with our principles and values, we become more coherent and happy from within. There is an exponential increase in our self worth & self-confidence. Others start respecting us because we began honoring our inner self.

The Inner Warrior

“When the infrastructure shifts, everything rumbles” – Stan Davis As Stephen Covey states in his book “The 8th Habit”, we are witness to one of the most sifnificant shifts in human history. One of the greatest management thinkers of our time, Peter Drucker, puts it this way: “In a few hundred years, when the history Read more about The Inner Warrior[…]

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