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Who is Bindu, what is her mission and her message

Happiness Coach Bindu will share today some of her lifelong secrets towards Mindfulness Meditation, Executive Coaching, and Consciousness in the Workplace.

Dear subscribers and visitors to Bindu Power Coaching site

Firstly, I would like to thank all subscribers for your continuing support all these years. It has gratified me knowing that some of you out there are ready to read my next post 🙂 Secondly, I would like to explain who Bindu is, what is her mission and what is the message she wants to convey through this website.

A little background story about BPC

Bindu Power Coaching (BPC) website started in 2011 by someone who believed in Bindu. She took this opportunity to use the platform as a writing tool where she could share with the world her message. Since she was tiny, Bindu loved to express herself. She did this through dancing, writing, speaking, painting, drawing, singing,  and used many other outdoor outlets she needed to fulfill her heart’s desire.

As she grew up, she realized she needed to heal areas of her life. She was not happy from within herself. She felt empty inside. So, Bindu traveled throughout the world at an early age to find answers. The eastern world took her to practice yoga and meditation. She started spirituality in her way, as she calls it. Very carefully, after reading about different masters, religions, and faiths, she followed a path.

Sharing her self-knowledge through blogs and books

After mourning and healing for almost 40 years of her life, she is now in a space where she can share her experiences. Most importantly, she now has the tools that work on a wounded heart, body-mind, and soul. Bindu now uses her website to express herself in writing while sharing breakthrough techniques that work.

Certified Professional Coach

Becoming a certified coach or learning cutting-edge psychotherapy techniques are just the signature of her ability. Her graduate, post-graduate and master management degrees from top world universities hold value today because of the peace of mind she has achieved. Throughout pressing moments of her life, she never gave up. However, continued in search of help, answers, and healing from the inside. Today she combines her knowledge, experience, and academic preparation into a unique recipe: how to master your mind. She has turned into a Happiness Coach.

Her mission

Empowering unlimited potential in every mind, through unconditional love. Bindu has learned the pathways to make this happen. Bindu Dadlani is a happiness coach, a mindfulness power coach and a mentor that can solve your problems in a strictly confidential atmosphere of presence and trust.

The message

Living the life of your dreams is possible. First, it is important to check where your feet are about those dreams. Second, use the right techniques to point to that direction. As we march forward, we notice bumps in the way, which together we rearrange back in the right direction. As we re-program the brain to re-learn the old mode of living, we notice new possibilities opening up and new frontiers not yet discovered. It turns out magical when you are in the process of transformation. One thing is for sure: the change is apparent within and without. And as you look back, you realize nothing is no longer the way it was. You are now a new person. However, still in old clothes.

Letting go of old belief systems, live in freedom

As we make go of old belief systems, in other words, as we get ready to remove our old clothes and outdated habits, we set the tone for new attitudes. It is like getting ready for a long journey. The less luggage, the more the comfort. In this case, there are only a handful of attitudes we need to engage our life to a new thread of happiness. At the essence, we are all the same. And this is what the method does through happiness Coach Bindu. It creates real-time tailor-made techniques that alter your life forever. Any change we want to make in our lives needs to start in our subconscious first. When these changes happen on the inside, the changes on the outside are not only evident, but they start materializing immediately.

Coaching with conscience

Bindu engages the person into a series of questions that take her to understand within a few minutes where the problem lies. She is like a detective, figuring out within seconds the mind mapping strategy of the other person. As she learns their minds trap, she opens her toolbox. From there she extracts the unique action-oriented tool that will change the limiting belief of the person into an exponential solution of actions. Her more than thirty years of experience both on herself and her clients, allow self-confidence to shine through her results. Within an hour, Bindu helps fix the problem. The person gets back to their usual routine sensing a profound change within.

Happiness and Inner Peace

As the person works on their inner self, they notice joy and inner peace. These are standard results of continuous practice with the mind and the emotions. Bindu offers techniques that work. There are many professionals out there that meet the same or better purpose. When you allow anyone to know your innermost secrets, what is essential is that you feel comfortable, with a sense of trust.  And you can gauge this by how you feel. If you feel good, and you see results, this it is!

Mindfulness Meditation – The Meeting

Happiness Coach Bindu is practicing mindfulness meditation for more than 25 years. Hence, each session with her raises your consciousness through a profound meditation process. You are mindful and conscious. The level keeps increasing to the point your super-conscious allows. The more we work on an inner level, the more we grow on the inside. It is like training for a marathon or in a gym. The dedication and constancy are the keys to elevating your mind to supra-conscious levels.

Executive Coaching

Power Happiness Mindfulness Coach Bindu Dadlani enters a company understanding the details and flaws immediately. Her entrepreneurial business international preparation and experience allow her to detect where the fault lies within the higher-level organizational system. After looking at the numbers of the company, she goes straight to the CEOs and department managers. At first, she works on helping them improve their communication skills with themselves and others. As a result, they benefit on a personal level, reflecting an immediate betterment in their relationships with loved ones at home. Then, she integrates all departments to work in unison as a high performing team. She applies human values in management and organizations.

Raising consciousness in the workplace to strengthen leadership

When managers at the higher level organizational pyramid are happy from within, they show that positivity levels down. A company with comfortable top leadership positions will most likely succeed in today’s VUCA (volatileuncertaincomplex, ambiguous) world. To make decisions that provide lasting happiness to their surroundings, they learn to connect with their essence. This practice, first helps them take into account the sentiments of people, climate changes, and world resources. Second, they learn to open their hearts. The inner awakening provides them with empathy and understanding, forgiveness and, above all, softness. Later, they learn to lead with this new heart. The ball game changes and they are unrecognizable.


Through research, education, and innovation, Happiness Coach Bindu provides tools that will enhance a person´s intuition to supra-conscious levels. Mindfulness Meditation, Executive Coaching, and Consciousness in the Workplace are just some of her ability areas. Her mission and message involve deeper layers of consciousness that are visible through her power sessions. This method grows exponentially, the more you practice. That is, the more you are in tune with the core essence of your soul. Once you learn the technique, liberation is at your doorstep.

When I ask my clients what they feel once they’ve been through the process, the one word they keep using is “liberating” – Bindu Dadlani, Happiness Coach

Bindu has self-published nine books, available through Amazon, iBooks, and her online store, her new website design in constant innovation 🙂

You can also listen to her podcast on iTunes, or subscribe to her newsletter (these are mostly written in English and Spanish).

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Happiness Coach
In each session, we’ll practice mind power techniques that will alter your mental and cognitive processes to remove the programming we all received as a child. It’s like a major software update. You’re still you, but you’ll have a whole new set of abilities you never had before.



Live without fear


Live without fear. One conscious life in your hands to live to your greatest potential.

[VERSIÓN ESPAÑOLA DEBAJO -No postergues ni oscurezcas más tu visión y misión].

The lack of self-confidence developed for many years does not let us live with light luggage. We focus on fear. Be it the media, our families and society itself, the concern is in the order of the day. Every newspaper that we read, an article that we find, advertising that we see or merely sporadic conversations with people on the street, have fear as a common denominator. It is also so sticky that even when we think we are not paying attention, we fall into it. Metaphorically, I love seeing it as a big black hole that I do not want to get into it. Once outside, the landscape is much more beautiful.

We could distinguish different types of fears, categories, and subcategories of it. Each fear harbors another. They are like many layers of dark onions rotting our potential to the limit of nullifying us. People around us contaminated by it have the strength to destroy the person with the least power, usually people full of love with little internal resistance to imposing their optimism. Fearful people influence, being able to penetrate into the depths of the weakest person – often someone to the servitude that loves them with madness – taking them to their well. The less you realize, you are inside again. You have fallen!

The mind has many tricks to make you believe you have dominion over it. It masks to deceive you. It is our task to overcome the mind to the point of putting it in its place to dominate it. Only then can we overcome bad company – that although it may seem that they love us, they just like themselves. Our veil of illusion makes us see a distorted reality. To remove it from our eyes depends entirely on us. Only when we are ready, the teacher arrives. Many times this inner teacher appears in the form of external help – willing to show us “the way.”

Stop allowing others to manipulate your life – you only have one, and it’s yours. Stop clinging to people and situations that do not let you move forward. Remember, just one life. Offer time to yourself to find out what you want to do for the rest of your life. You have today. Do not postpone your mission anymore, darken your vision and postpone your dream anymore. Act!

Bindu Dadlani, Boston Ma, written on 12.12.2015.

I recommend reading the Inner Warrior at Amazon, iBooks or in my online store.

Power Consultation



La falta de auto-confianza en nuestro ser desarrollada durante muchos años no nos deja vivir ligeros de equipaje. Estamos constantemente volcados en el miedo. Ya sean los medios de comunicación, nuestras familias y la sociedad en si, el miedo está a la orden del día. Cada periódico que leemos, artículo que encontramos, publicidad que vemos o simplemente en conversaciones esporádicas con personas en la calle, tienen como denominador común el miedo. Es además tan pegajoso que hasta cuando creemos que no le estamos prestando atención, caemos en el. Metafóricamente me encanta verlo como un gran pozo negro en el cual no quiero meterme. Una vez fuera, el paisaje es mucho más lindo.

Podríamos distinguir diferentes tipos de miedos, categorías y sub categorías de él. Cada miedo alberga en si otro. Son como innumerables capas de cebollas oscuras pudriendo nuestro potencial hasta el límite de anularnos. Personas a nuestro alrededor contaminadas por el tienen la fuerza de destruir al más débil, normalmente personas llenas de amor con poca fuerza interna para imponer su optimismo. Las personas llenas de miedo tienen la influencia de poder penetrar en lo más profundo de la persona más débil – a menudo alguien a la servidumbre que los ama con locura – y llevarlo a su pozo. Cuando menos te das cuenta estás dentro otra vez. ¡Has caído!

La mente tiene muchos trucos para hacerte creer que tienes dominio sobre ti. Se enmascara para engañarte. Es nuestra tarea vencer a la mente hasta el punto de ponerla en su sitio y dominarla. Sólo así podremos vencer la compañía venenosa – que aunque pueda parecer que nos quieren, sólo se quieren a si mismos. Nuestro velo de ilusión nos hace ver una realidad distorsionada. Quitárnoslo depende de nosotros. Sólo cuando estamos preparados, llega el maestro. Muchas veces este maestro interno aparece en forma de ayuda externa – preparados para mostrarnos “el camino”.

Deja de permitir que otros manipulen tu vida – sólo tienes una y es tuya. Deja de apegarte a personas y situaciones que no te dejan avanzar. Recuerda, sólo una vida. Ofrécete tiempo para ti para averiguar que quieres hacer el resto de tu vida. Dispones de hoy. No postergues más tu misión, oscurezcas mas tu visión y aplaces más tu sueño. ¡Actúa!

Bindu Dadlani  |  Boston, Ma | 12.12.2015

Live without fear
Dispones de hoy. No postergues más tu misión, oscurezcas mas tu visión y aplaces más tu sueño. ¡Actúa!


Pide tu consulta personalizada.

Awakening Consciousness

Awakening Consciousness

The beginnings of Awakening your Conscience

Awakening Consciousness


Awakening to a meaningful life

The origins

Most of my clients reach out to me when their life is either about to sink or in deep waters. Somehow their conscience is ready for a turn of events, for a change. For awakening consciousness. They want to go from the victim role to taking responsibility for their lives. Their inner self is thirsty for wisdom that will awaken their consciousness to higher walks of life. During the session, they see where they are, what their mind is doing and how they can change their lives from misery and emptiness to happiness and peace.

One of the first aspects we touch upon is their goals. More often than not, they are clueless. Other times, they think they are heading in the right direction. But when confronted with specific questions they have no answers. Their dreams are not agreeing with their life, and their actions are contrary to their thoughts. This incongruence is the first point of the study.

Awakening consciousness

The wake-Up call

During this power coaching session, you start discovering immediately where your life is about your purpose and goal. Bindu introduces you to the timeless concept of kaizen (the Japanese word for “continual improvement.” In business, it refers to activities involving all employees from the CEO to the assembly line workers, to processes like logistics, that cross organizational boundaries into the supply chain). This eastern tradition of discipline is the cornerstone of her work where self-mastery is at the base of the transformation process. After several sessions with her, you start building a more vibrant, happier and more enlightened life. She puts you through different trials until you finally master virtues that give you the mental reserves required to persevere when the going gets tough.

Most executives need to rekindle the fire for living lost before their profession, and mundane life stole their soul. When working with Bindu, they enter a sanctuary where their broken spirit would slowly start to heal. They then begin a life of simplicity, serenity, and harmony.

Recovering our desired state of mind

Levels of consciousness vary according to our state of mind. So, there are moments in life where we are more lucid than others where we lack the center that guides us and makes us feel safe. To be at all times feeling empowered and in the right direction, we need that desired state of mind. If there is a deviation in this sense, returning to that mental state is a priority before losing our north. The sessions with Bindu help you to recover the point that you need to become independent and free to your growth. It is awakening your conscience from the root of your being.

Those who wish to go even deeper into higher levels of “awakening consciousness,” follow a continuous process of work. This inner quest varies according to the need of each person and the karmic evolution of their soul. The results to date have been truly spectacular. One session is enough to know what Bindu´s intuition is about and how far it can go.

“From the sessions with Bindu Power Coaching, where you get to the “root” of the problem, the money invested not only comes back to us but also …. “it multiplies.” – María Pérez Ramos, Lawyer 

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Libertad financiera y emocional

Libertad financiera y emocional

Libertad financiera y emocional


Agradecimiento testimonio y Valoración

Tengo mucho que agradecer a Bindu Dadlani por haberme hecho conseguir mi libertad financiera y emocional.

Ahora todo está muy bien. Mi familia y yo estamos tranquilos y felices.

Disfrutamos el día a día sin miedos y sin prisas.

Mil gracias, Bindu.


Testimonio de una persona que ha trabajado con Bindu Power Coach


Su webinar “Re-programando nuestra inteligencia financiera” te dará pautas claves para ayudarte a entender el “por qué” de tu economía. Si tienes una empresa y quieres mejorar los resultados económicos, puedes escuchar su podcast.

Para gestionar tu tiempo, resolver conflictos, ganar calma interna y obtener claves para empoderarte, su webinar “Gestión del estrés” te aportará secretos para toda la vida. La compra en su nueva web es segura. Aprovecha ahora que además hay descuentos de verano 🙂

Si deseas leer, su libro “9 Prácticas que cambiarán tu destino”, disponible en su tienda online, Amazon Kindle o iBooks, marcará un antes y un después en conocimientos financieros y emocionales.

Resultados: Obtendrás libertad mental.

Si deseas ascender pero hay algo que te impide romper barreras, este video puede ayudarte a colocarte en puestos de decisión.

Bindu Dadlani es una Power Mindfulness Coach Ejecutiva que desencadena un potencial ilimitado para transformar tus metas en una realidad mágica. Si deseas un mayor compromiso, contacta con ella.


Financial and Emotional Freedom

Thank you Testimonial and Rating Review

I have much to thank Bindu Dadlani for making me get my financial and emotional freedom.

Now everything is fine. My family and I are calm and happy.

We enjoy the day to day without fears and without haste.

Thank you, Bindu.


Testimonial of someone who has worked with Bindu Power Coach


Her paperback or eBook “Living in Mindfulness” will give you key guidelines to help you with your emotions. Her eBook “The Inner Warrior,” available at her new online store, Amazon Kindle or iBooks, will mark a before and an after in regards to your financial and emotional skills.

Results: You will get mental freedom.

Bindu Dadlani is an Executive, Success and Mindfulness Power Coach who unleashes unlimited potential to transform your goals into a unique magical reality. For further engagement, contact her.

Libertad financiera y emocional
Testimonio de alguien que ha trabajado con Bindu Power Coach



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Focused Mission 

Focused Mission


Never divert from your path. Not even a single moment. Remember your goal and continue believing. Naysayers will distract you only if you allow them. Live in silence while you love open-heartedly.

Cree en ti 

Nunca te desvíes de tu camino. Ni siquiera un solo momento. Recuerda tu meta y continúa creyendo. Aquellos que no creen en ti te distraerán sólo si se lo permites. Vive en silencio mientras amas con corazón abierto.

En la búsqueda del conocimiento supremo,




My book “Living in Mindfulness: 351 Mindful Steps for Wise Living (Messages from the Heart) is available in Amazon paperback, Amazon Kindle and iBooks.

In search of the absolute truth,



Silent witness 

Silent Witness

Use your legs to walk, your ears to listen, while you observe silently the turn of events. You are not the doer. Surrender.

Usa tus piernas para caminar, tus oídos para escuchar, mientras observas silenciosamente el giro de acontecimientos. No eres el hacedor. Entrega.


silent witness

Often times we forget the secret to our success

In my book “Gateway to Happiness”, available on Amazon Kindle and iBooks, I share some deep findings based in my unique method of meditation-mindfulness combined with mind-body-soul re-activation…

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Faithful warrior 

Faith in your Inner Warrior


Make sure your faith turns stronger with every passing day. Hit your priorities first. Then attend the rest.


Asegúrate de que tu fe se fortalezca con el paso de los días. Atiende a tus prioridades primero. Luego el resto.




To dive deeper into this content, you are welcome to read my book “The Inner Warrior”, available on Amazon Kindle and iBooks.

I also wrote a blog post, The Leader Within Us, that gives some recommendations on how to achieve this.


Also available in my online shop.

Economía Sostenible. Money Management 101

Economía Sostenible

Economía Sostenible 3 Pasos 9 Razones. Administración del Dinero 101

Economía Sostenible, Dinero y su administración…[ENGLISH VERSION BELOW]

La mayor parte de la gente se queja de que no tiene dinero. La razón es muy sencilla. En este blog resumiré los motivos principales. Hay muchos más según la situación de cada persona. Para un re-ajuste financiero y una diagnosis del problema, podéis pedir vuestra sesión personalizada. Obtendréis las claves de como poder re-conducir vuestra economía. Las grandes fortunas hacia una economía sostenible, comenzaron con unos sencillos pasos:

  1. Haz un “planning” financiero de previsiones de gastos para los próximos 5, 10 y 15 años. Esto te ayudará a tener en cuenta lo que necesitarás facturar para poder cubrir esas previsiones.
  2. Asegúrate de poder generar esos ingresos según las previsiones.
  3. Todo lo que puedas ahorrar a partir de ahí, ponlo en una cuenta de reservas. Te será de gran utilidad cuando vengan “vacas flojas”.

Los nueve problemas fundamentales de las personas que se quejan del dinero son:

  1. Gastar en lugar de ahorrar.
  2. Gastar antes de planificar.
  3. Gastar por que los demás se lo dicen. Falta de personalidad para decir “NO”.
  4. Gastar porque los demás lo hacen. Falta de fuerza para no seguir a las masas.
  5. Gastar porque simplemente están vacíos por dentro y necesitan alicientes externos para cubrir sus dolencias..
  6. Gastar porque si lo ahorran creen que se lo gastarán otros que tengan autonomía sobre su vida financiera. Están “dominados”.
  7. Se les va el dinero de las manos como la sangre por sus venas.
  8. No han aprendido a gestionar su patrimonio por no conocer el valor del dinero ganado con sudor. Las creencias limitantes son más fuertes que la capacidad de generar los suficientes ingresos necesarios para vivir una vida en abundancia.
  9. Son tacaños con quienes tendrían que ser generosos y generosos con quienes se merecen límites. Están desequilibrados emocionalmente y necesitan aprobación y aceptación para poder sentirse bien. Son personas débiles en el fondo buscando un pequeño nido donde descansar. Han perdido su dignidad y se han vendido a cambio de limosna.

La economía sostenible está a tu disposición siempre que desees cambiar de rumbo…

Reserva tu sesión con @bindupowercoach


………Qué dicen de las sesiones de Bindu…

Podcast: Programaciones Financieras


Sustainable Economy 3 Steps 9 Reasons. Money Management 101

Most people complain that they have no money. The reason is very simple. In this blog I will summarize the main causes. There are many more depending on the situation of each person. For a financial re-adjustment and a diagnosis of the problem, you can ask for your personalised session. You will learn the keys to re-drive your economy. The great fortunes began with a few simple steps:

  1. Make a financial planning of expenses forecasts for the next 5, 10 and 15 years. This will help you take into account what you will need to bill to be able to cover these forecasts.

  2. Make sure you can generate that income as planned.

  3. All you can save from there on, put it in a reserve account. It will be useful in moments of “low tides”.

The nine fundamental problems of people who complain about money are:

  1. Spending instead of saving.

  2. Spending before planning.

  3. Spending because others tell them. Lack of personality to say “NO”.

  4. Spending because others do. Lack of strength to not follow the masses.

  5. Spending because they are simply empty on the inside and need external inducements to cover their ailments ..

  6. Spending because they fear that if they save others with more autonomy over their financial life will spend it. They are “dominated.”

  7. Money is gone from their hands like blood runs through their veins.

  8. They have not learned how to manage their wealth by not knowing the value of the money earned with sweat. Limiting beliefs are stronger than the ability to generate enough income to live a life in abundance.

  9. They are stingy with those who would have to be generous and generous to those who deserve limits. They are emotionally unbalanced and need approval and acceptance in order to feel good. They are weak people in the background looking for a small nest where to rest. They have lost their dignity and have sold themselves for alms.

A sustainable economy is available for you whenever you want to change direction …


RESERVE YOUR POWER SESSION with @bindupowercoach


……… What people say about Bindu´s sessions…

Podcast: Financial Programming (spanish version)

Bindu Dadlani is an Executive, Success and Mindfulness Power Coach who unleashes unlimited potential to transform your goals into a unique magical reality.

Why invest in Bindu Power Coaching

Executive Mindfulness Power Coach | Mentor | Psychotherapist | Keynote Speaker | Author



Más libros de Bindu:













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Preocupaciones absurdas – dejado atrás

He dejado atrás preocupaciones absurdas, personas absurdas problemas absurdos

He dejado atrás preocupaciones absurdas, personas absurdas y problemas absurdos…


Todo surgió un día de playa con mi sobrina (verano 2016).

Siempre nos vemos y hablamos mucho, normalmente de proyectos, de cómo hacernos un business, de lo  mucho que nos incomoda y molesta comentarios de gente …

Esa tarde me nombró a Bindu a raíz de mi insistencia de no estar contenta conmigo misma, de tener trabas que no me permitía disfrutar de todo lo bueno que tengo en mi vida, de mi coraje por no saber controlar muchas situaciones que me atormentaban, de no triunfar en mi trabajo, por mis miedos…

Me contó que  Bindu era una coach. Detalló en qué consistía su trabajo y sentí la necesidad de contactar con ella. Sin embargo no fue inmediato, de hecho aquella conversación quedo allí. Continuó el verano…

Los días y meses pasaron con los mismos inconvenientes. Situaciones sin control que me provocaban malestar durante semanas, que no tenían solución aparente. Y si las tenían a mí no me incumbía …

Llegaron las navidades y con ellas las típicas organizaciones: comidas tradicionales familiares, compras y demás. 

Las reuniones familiares me dejaron esas navidades un malestar y un enfado conmigo misma notables. No entendía porque aceptaba reuniones y situaciones que luego me dejaban enfadada. Yo las había aceptado  !!!!

Entonces me vino a la cabeza Bindu y contacté con ella.

No sé si podré ser capaz de transformar en palabras lo que sentí, lo que me envolvió… desde el primer instante que hablé con ella. 

Siguiendo sus indicaciones anote todo lo que me molestaba, todos mis tormentos, todo lo que me perturbaba, todo lo que había dejado una huella de hormigón en mi vida… todo todo desde mi más remota  infancia. Punto por punto, con toda la sinceridad que me proporcionó la confianza en ella. No sé el por qué de esa confianza instantánea, tal vez fue mi necesidad de curarme, de buscar una solución, o ella en sí misma o todas las razones juntas. El caso es que me entregué a ella, con todo el dolor por recordar y con toda la alegría de poder ” hablar “.

Fue intensa, fuerte y profunda… 

Al terminar me sentía renovada, tranquila, nueva … “feliz”. Pero una felicidad diferente a la que conocía hasta entonces. Pura, limpia, más sincera. Una felicidad maravillosa que salía desde mi interior. Una felicidad que nadie me la había proporcionado. Era sólo mía, salía de mí.

Ahora mi conciencia está presente en mi, el silencio es parte de mi vida…mi mente está más manejable .

He dejado atrás preocupaciones absurdas, personas absurdas, problemas absurdos .. mi guía es ahora lo que me importa, lo que tiene interés, lo precioso… porque es lo que “AMO “.

Trabajo cada día por mejorar, por crecer, por trasmitir tranquilidad serenidad, armonía …

Muchas veces no es fácil, muchas veces es muy difícil. Pero ahora tiene solución. Antes me costaba mucho encontrar esa solución y no la encontraba, me consolaba yo misma,  incurriendo  en volver al error de nuevo  y vuelta a empezar.


Antes intentaba memorizar lo que tenía que decir siguiendo las indicaciones que me habían dado previamente. Ahora hablo yo.

No tengo miedo.

Estoy más segura de mí misma.

Y si noto que me descarrilo, que me desvío, me vuelvo a colocar en mi lugar. 

Es maravilloso.

Participé con Bindu en tan solo dos sesiones y soy otra.

Es asombroso como un ser humano puede ayudar a otro ser humano a buscarse, a encontrarse. 

Es algo inexplicable pero real. A mí ha pasado.

La inversión económica que he realizado es insignificante, carece de valor. El resultado me lo ha hecho ver claramente. Esa inversión está más que recuperada no sólo económicamente sino sobre todo espiritualmente.

Eres grande Bindu y tenemos mucha suerte las personas que te conocemos.


Testimonio Anónimo – 13 de Mayo 2017

He dejado atrás preocupaciones absurdas, personas absurdas problemas absurdos
Antes intentaba memorizar lo que tenía que decir siguiendo las indicaciones que me habían dado previamente. Ahora hablo yo.


Everything started on a beach day with my niece (summer 2016).

We always see each other and talk a lot, usually about projects, how to make a business, how much it bothers and annoy us the comments of people …

That afternoon she mentioned Bindu because of my insistence that I was not happy with myself, having obstacles that did not allow me to enjoy all the good things I have in my life, my anger because I did not know how to handle many situations that tormented me, not able to succeed in my work, because of my fears …

She told me that Bindu was a coach. She detailed what her work consisted of and felt the need to contact her. However, it was not immediate, in fact that conversation stayed there. The summer continued …

The days and months passed with the same inconveniences. Uncontrolled situations that caused me discomfort for weeks, which had no apparent solution. And if they were, it was not my business …

Christmas came and with them the usual organization: traditional family meals, shopping and so on. That Christmas, the family reunions left me with a remarkable uncomfortable feeling and an annoyance with myself. I did not understand why I accepted meetings and situations that made me angry. I had accepted them!!!!

Then Bindu came to my mind and I contacted her.

I do not know if I will be able to transform into words what I felt, what enveloped me … from the first moment I spoke to her.

Following her indications, I wrote down everything that bothered me, all my torments, everything that disturbed me, everything that had left a concrete footprint in my life … everything from my earliest childhood. Point by point, with all the sincerity that provided my confidence in her. I do not know the reason for that instant trust, maybe it was my need to heal myself, to seek a solution, or she in herself or all of the reasons together. The fact is that I surrendered to her, with all the pain to remember and with all the joy of being able to “talk”.

It was intense, strong and deep …

When I finished I felt renewed, calm, new … “happy”. But a happiness different than the one I knew until then. Pure, clean, sincere. A wonderful happiness that came from within. A happiness that no one had given me. It was only mine; it came out of me.

Now my conscience is present in me, silence is part of my lifemy mind is more manageable.

I have left behind absurd concerns, absurd people, absurd problems … my guide is now what matters to me, what is interesting, precious … because it is what “I LOVE”.

I work every day to improve, to grow, to convey tranquillity, serenity, harmony …

Many times it is not easy, many times it is very difficult. But now it has a solution. Before I found it difficult to find that solution and did not find it, I consoled myself, incurring in returning to the error again, and again to begin.


Before I tried to memorize what I had to say following the directions I had previously given. Now I speak.

I’m not afraid.

I am more sure of myself.

And if I notice that I derail, that I deviate, I return to put myself in my place.

It is wonderful.

I participated with Bindu in just two sessions and I am another person.

It is amazing how a human being can help another human being to seek, to meet.

It is something inexplicable but real. It’s happened to me.

The economic investment I have made is insignificant, it lacks value. The result has made me see it clearly. This investment is more than recovered not only economically but above all spiritually.

You are great Bindu and we are very lucky people who know you.


Anonymous testimony – May 13, 2017


Bindu Dadlani is an Executive, Success and Mindfulness Power Coach who unleashes unlimited potential to transform your goals into a unique magical reality.

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Bindu Dadlani is a Power Happiness Coach who unleashes your unlimited potential. Her tailor-made process of coaching fixes problems at the root level. Ceo´s and managers benefit tremendously from this inner work. It provides them with the warmth, comfort, and empowerment needed after a long day of decision-making and problem-solving. After this power session, they come out relaxed. But most importantly, self-confident about the next course of action, in line with their conscience, dreams, and values. Testimonials speak for themselves.

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