Grava muy claramente tus metas y objetivos.

If you sense others do not value you, check your own value about yourself. Make sure it is strong enough. Than whatever happens on the outside will not affect you. Remember to protect your Self. Si sientes que los demás no te valoran, revisa tu propio valor acerca de ti mismo. Asegúrate de que es …

How can I make best​ the use of my time?

Self Managed Time for soul searchers. "It is in silence where you listen to yourself best. Spend time with your self. This is well self managed time. Distractions are multiple. Remembering to keep focused is the real challenge. There is the real reward." "Es en el silencio donde mejor te escuchas. Pasa tiempo contigo. Las …


Connect with your Inner Self. There you will find Peace. Do not put your faith in people or things. Put it in your Self. Conecta con tu interior. Ahí está la Paz. No pongas tu fe en las personas o las cosas. Ponla en tu Ser. Suscríbete a nuestro seminario online en este enlace: "El Cambio empieza …

10-07-2014 Enjoy while Waiting

Everyone will respect and love you in the measure that you love yourself. Have patience while waiting for your dream to become a reality. Todos te respetarán y amarán en la medida en que tu te ames. Ten paciencia mientras esperas a tu sueño hacerse realidad. Wishing you an excellent day 🙂 @bindupowercoach

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