How can I stay away from my self-sabotage?

Turn inside. Every once in a while turn away from the noise. Connect with yourself in silence. Noise surrounds us - we need to stop and reconnect within if we want true answers. As we advance in technology and bookish knowledge, we entrap ourselves in a "prison" of unknown resources. Paying careful attention to where …

Intelligent Mind Management

Spend time in silence. It will help you understand the truth. Do not fall into subtle manipulation. Fly over it. Pasa tiempo en silencio. Te ayudará a entender la verdad. No caigas en manipulaciones sutiles. Vuela por encima de ellas. Subscribe for your power message @bindupowercoach @marinabaysands #Singapore          

How can I make best​ the use of my time?

Self Managed Time for soul searchers. "It is in silence where you listen to yourself best. Spend time with your self. This is well self managed time. Distractions are multiple. Remembering to keep focused is the real challenge. There is the real reward." "Es en el silencio donde mejor te escuchas. Pasa tiempo contigo. Las …

Inner blanket 

Inner Blanket Inner blanket. When you feel empty, sit in silence. Find peace with your soul. Find within and feel the warmth that emanates from yourself. Cuando sientas un vacío, siéntate en silencio. Encuentra paz con tu alma. Búscate y siente el calor que emana de estar contigo. Bindu Dadlani is an Executive, Success and …

Withdraw into silence

Be prepared to say goodbye - practice detachment from now. Practice Silence. Withdraw into your Self. Prepárate para decir adiós - practica el desapego desde ahora. Practica el silencio. Retírate a tu Ser. Wishing you space and time for silence sitting @bindupowercoach