Strong Mind Directives 

Anything can happen anytime. Are you ready? Put your mind & soul into something and don't give up until you achieve it. Cualquier cosa puede ocurrir en cualquier momento. Estas preparada-o? Pon tu mente y tu alma en algo y no te rindas hasta que lo consigas.  @bindupowercoach #Boston #USA      

Inner blanket 

Inner Blanket Inner blanket. When you feel empty, sit in silence. Find peace with your soul. Find within and feel the warmth that emanates from yourself. Cuando sientas un vacío, siéntate en silencio. Encuentra paz con tu alma. Búscate y siente el calor que emana de estar contigo. Bindu Dadlani is an Executive, Success and …

Life Within YourSelf

Spend time in Nature. Watch a sunset to upbeat your soul. Make the most of your life. Pasa tiempo en la naturaleza. Observa un atardecer y eleva a tu alma. Sácale partido a tu vida.      Wishing you a "real" life within @bindupowercoach

How to live life?

Soul Risk Taker Do not feed your ego. You'll be disappointed. Feed your soul. You will be saved. Take risks and live life. Fear takes you nowhere. One step forwards might bring 100 possibilities. One step backward might close all roads ahead. Take a risk and enjoy the game. No alimentes tu ego. Te defraudará. Alimenta tu alma. Te salvará. Asume riesgos y vive …

Inner Depths

Talk as little as possible - few can "understand" the depth of your soul. Set a constant dialog with your inner self. It will mark your steps to success. Habla lo menos posible - pocos "entienden" la profundidad de tu alma. Establece diálogo constante con tu interior. Marcará los pasos hacia tu éxito. Wishing you …

Unleashing Hidden Strength

How would you know how strong you are if you don't go through and overcome difficulties ? Difficulties are fuel to elevate the soul. ¿Como sabrás si eres fuerte si no pasas por y superas dificultades? Las dificultades son gasolinas para elevar el alma. Wishing you a wise day @bindupowercoach Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

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